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Chad Murray

our founder and CEO of Masters Services

has earned his Certified Master Chimney Technician certificate. Serving the chimney industry for now over 22 years, Congratulations Chad!

Masters Services Certified Chimney Professional Sweep

Hire a Master Certified Chimney Service that does Camera Inspections and Detailed Reports.

Camera Inspection Report
  • Camera Chimney Inspections

    A through inspection report for your chimney and fireplace is completed like a home inspectors report. Information about the chimney components and why they need repaired. Pictures of every repair will be documented and on the report. A camera will be sent up the chimney and the video will be on your invoice to view. YOU CANNOT INSPECT A CHIMNEY WITH A FLASHLIGHT. Our reports are detailed and easy to understand descriptions of your code violations or necessary repairs.

  • Important Chimney Sweeping Facts!

  • What if 3rd degree glazed creosote is present…

    Totally different process is performed before the Stage 1 chimney sweep can be performed. A dissolving material will be applied to absorb the stage 3 creosote. After 2 days or more the dissolving has stopped. Then a Stage 1 chimney cleaning is performed.

  • Direct Vent, Vent Free, Natural Vent Fireplace Inspections

    • These are gas fireplaces with wall buttons to turn on the flame, or solid piece of glass on the front.
    • Pilot light is not staying lit or turning off after a couple of minutes?

    Please see our page on Direct Vent, Vent Free, Natural Vent Fireplace Inspections for more information.

Ask a Technician

  • Problems?

    Dereck: I often find that the refractory panels in the home have cracked and are in need of replacement. The refractory panel is in place to help your firebox absorb heat from the fire and keep your metal firebox from warping from the heat.

    Rory: A Common issue that I have found is damage to the mortar crown of the chimney. The mortar crown is located at the top of the chimney and is the layer of brick and mortar that protects your chimney chase from the elements.

    Andrew: Missing chimney caps, this invites animals into your chimney that then nest, raise their young and leave a mess that has potential for catching fire.

    Phillip: Water damage is a common problem that I find. Water gets into the little cracks of an unprotected chimney and erodes the mortar to the point where it starts to fall apart. This can be a huge fire/safety risk.

  • Prevention?

    Dereck: Installing a reflector sheild or fireback that is made to redirect the heat as well as protect the refractory panels can help to extend the life of the panels. And of course getting routine chimney inspections done on your home to identify any trouble spots before they become larger issues.

    Rory: Applying a new coat of mortar and seal with Crown Coat. Having a custom chimney cap in place on your chimney will protect the mortar crown from exposure and damage.

    Andrew: A correctly installed, high quality chimney cap will help to prevent this as well as provide long-term protection.

    Phillip: Repair any mortar that is damaged, check to make sure the flashing is correctly sealed and waterproof the entire chimney. Also, getting routing chimney sweeps can help to find any problems as they are coming about.

  • Advice

    Dereck: Take measures to prevent damages from occurring, by this I mean get your routine chimney sweeps and chimney inspections and have a custom chimney cap installed on your home. A majority of the chimney issues that I find can be prevented through proper maintenance.

    Rory: Get a chimney cap installed and getting your chimney inspected regularly.

    Andrew: Get chimney cleanings preformed at least once a year. And remember that if you try and get repairs done by someone other than a Certified Chimney Professional you normally end up paying for it in the end.

    Phillip: The best advise I can provide to the homeowner is to get a yearly inspection/cleaning of your entire fireplace and chimney by a Certified Chimney Professional. This will make any repairs more cost effective and provide peace of mind for the homeowner.

The Masters Services Chimney Sweep Process

  • 1. Set up tarp.
  • 2. Bring in equipment.
  • 3. Turn on vacuum. Vacuum will clean up all the falling creosote (soot).
  • 4. Clean pipe with poles that have a chimney sweeps brush at the end. Run poles with brush on it to the top of the chimney
  • 5. Clean all sides of firebox and damper with hand brushes.
  • 6. Take all equipment outside.
  • 7. Wrap up tarp.

(Type of chimney sweep quoted over the phone)
1st Stage Creosote is Removed

This process is proven to be a no mess chimney cleaning that takes about 30 – 45 minutes.

What if 3rd degree glazed creosote is present…

Totally different process is performed before the Stage 1 chimney sweep can be performed. A dissolving material will be applied to absorb the stage 3 creosote. After 2 days or more the dissolving has stopped. Then a Stage 1 chimney cleaning is performed.

Cost to remove 3rd degree glazed creosote – $1000 – $2500

Cost depends on difficulty and chimney height.

Until a chimney inspection is performed we will not know if you have 3rd degree glazed creosote.

Cannot be quoted over the phone.

PCR Soot Removal

Our Work

During a chimney inspection our technicians will look for a properly installed chimney cap. Chimney caps come in many different shapes and sizes. Getting a cap that is professionally measured and installed on your chimney will help to eliminate water leaks, birds and other animals from getting into your chimney as well as help to prevent the deterioration of your chimney chase. Once your chase has started to break down the integrity and safety of your entire chimney and fireplace are at risk.

Chimney caps are also commonly called flue caps, toppers, or even “the roof over my chimney”, no matter what you are looking for we can assist you in the design, fabrication and installation of a chimney cap on your home to keep your chimney operating at peak performance as well as looking polished off.

As a chimney sweep we are not only the installer but also the fabricator of custom chimney caps.

Starting with our inception in 1996, we have always striven toward offering our clients the best products available on the market for their homes. It was during this time that we were unable to find the best chimney cap, we were looking for one that was not only top of the class in performance but also offered the look and class that our clients wanted and deserved. We were looking for a product that would withstand time and weather. It was then, in 2005, when we decided the only way that we would be able to offer a product that we were happy to stand behind was to fabricate our own. Our chimney caps are made right here in house, custom to your home. They are never made in advance and sitting on a shelf to be purchased, we factually make them to fit your exact needs. Each chimney cap is made with 24 gauge colored metal, this allows us to offer you a polished design with no concern of the paint chipping or fading over time. We are so confident in our chimney caps that we offer transferable Lifetime Warranties with each chimney cap we make and install. It is not code to have a chimney cap, but the presence of a chimney cap and/or its condition will be noted in every chimney inspection. Contact us for a free cap estimate today!

Another key element that will be looked for during a chimney sweep and inspection is the chimney damper. Look at the damper as a door to your chimney, it needs to be open when the fireplace is burning to let out the hot air and carbon and closed when the fireplace is not in use to keep any air conditioning or heating from leaving your home. When it comes to routine chimney maintenance, a properly functioning chimney damper can save homeowners thousands of dollars a year in energy charges alone.

During chimney sweeps that we preform our technicians have commonly found rain damage to the fireplace and chase. This can happen for a few reasons, two of the most common reasons are the lack of a chimney cap as well as no waterproofing. As we previously discussed, a chimney cap protects your home from water damage. Waterproofing is vital to the life of your chase, it puts a breathable barrier between your brick and the weather. Without waterproofing your bricks and mortar can act like sponges, letting water into your fireplace and damaging the brick in the mean time. The application of waterproofing is simple and extremely effective in preventing this damage from occurring.

Rebuild Masonry Chinmey Before
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