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Dryer vent cleaning in Dallas, Houston, Fort Worth, and Oklahoma City.

Masters Services is guaranteed to completely unclog your dryer vent from lint and any nesting debris.
  • Why You Should Get Your Dryer Vent Cleaned

    Over 15,000 dryer vent fires occur yearly in the Unites States alone. The U.S. Consumer Safety Commission says the build up of lint in the dyer vent exhaust duct can block the flow of air. Blocking the flow of air causes excessive heat build up, and causes a dryer vent fire. There is lint that escapes through the lint guard and builds up around the duct. An annual dryer vent cleaning should be performed.

    The energy savings for a clean dryer vent can be up to $24 a month in electric bill savings. In a years time that is around $300, we only charge at the most $150 to clean a vent. So if you keep the dryer vent clean you will save on average $150 a year on keeping it clear of lint. Not to mention safe from any fire hazards.

  • Warning Signs: Its Time For A Dryer Vent Cleaning

    When your car needs gas, you put gas in it. Why? Its time because the gas gauge says so.
    Here are your dryer vent signs:

    1. Slow dry times. When the clothes are not dry in the normal time they should be. Over 40 minutes to dry a normal load.

    2. Clothes come out extremely hot to the touch.

    3. The vent flap doesn’t talk anymore. Go outside and see the flap opening and closing during a cycle. If not then the duct is clogged with lint.

    4. One year has passed and you have not had it done.

  • How To Clean A Dyer Vent

    The Masters Services technician will move the dryer vent for access to the duct. He will then go to the exterior and clear the flapper or vent cover so the brush can exit the duct. Then back inside to but a blower on the duct to see if there is good airflow going through. If there is ok airflow then he will run the poles with a dryer vent brush on the end of it through the duct to the exterior. If there is no airflow then he will determine if it is ca clogged duct or a separated duct. If separated an estimate to reconnect the duct will be given. If the duct is clogged then he will determine the best way to clear the line and continue with the dryer vent cleaning.

    Normal clogs are part of the dryer vent cleaning process. Some clogs are not part of the process like a squirrel or bird that has built a rather large nest in the duct. At this time an estimate will be given to clear the duct.

    Once the dryer vent is clear of all lint then the dryer will be reconnected to the duct and replaced to its original spot.

Watch this Today Show video it really tells exactly why you need it done regularly.
Dallas Houston Dryer Vent Cleaning
Cost of Dryer Vent Cleaning: $149.99

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