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Featuring the Most Realistic Gas Fireplace Logs on the Market

What sets our fireplace gas log options apart?

Our lifetime warranty and a realistic quality is what sets these gas logs apart from the competition. We offer our customers Robert H. Peterson and Rasmussen Vented Gas Logs– the most realistic gas logs on the market.

We install gas logs in Texas and Oklahoma. Looking for gas log installation in our service areas of Dallas, Fort Worth, Houston, Oklahoma City? Give us a call to schedule!

Are your gas logs looking old, damaged, or dirty from years of use? We refurbish gas logs to make your old gas logs look like new! Please note that a professional chimney inspection may be required before we can perform any installations or modifications on your fireplace. This includes installing gas logs, vents, and burners! A proper inspection protects your warranty- and your home from potential damage caused by improper chimney element installation.

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How to measure your firebox for gas logs:

Measure the bottom middle width of the fireplace, left to right.

Firebox Middle:
20″ – 26″ 18″ log set
27″ – 32″ 24″ log set

Platinum Bright Embers for Burning Gas Logs
measure logs

33″ – 40″ 30″ log set
40″ – 46″ 36″ log set

Which gas logs should I order?

Choose a Quality Gas Log Set in Your Price Budget

When considering this one, think about how long you plan on living in the home. Know that cheaper log options on the market from overseas don’t come with professional help or a warranty, and may not function properly. You are left with installing a gas appliance on your own or having to go out and hire a chimney sweep. We see many customers who need help installing and the end, they pay more for an overseas gas log set than a higher quality log set that is Made in the USA.

Purchase the Correct Size of Gas Logs That Fit Your Fireplace

You must purchase the correct size or the log set will not look or perform properly. People often want to put a 18″ log set in a middle with fireplace of 32″. It will not draft properly and will look entirely too small for the fireplace. If budget is the reason, save another month to get the proper size.

Purchase a Set That Goes With Your Taste and Decor

If you have a traditional fireplace with a western theme, go with a natural non-determined log configuration like the Western Campfyre or the Woodstack. If you are a landlord or looking for a more-affordable option, we recommend going with the Charred Oak or even a contractor log set for less money.

What Kinds of Upgrades go with Gas Logs?

First choice of upgrades is what kind of burner do I want in my fireplace, single burner or double burner? When considering which burner ask yourself, “Self do I want to see more fire or more burning embers glowing?” Go with the single burner if you want a focus on ember glow, and go with the double burner if you want more fire. Lava rock fills the bottom of the fireplace nicely to complete the decorative Gas Log Upgraded appearance. Platinum Bright Embers offers an enhanced bright look to the ember bed for a natural looking fire. $50.

Getting Gas Logs Installed

Gas Log Installation should always be performed by a Certified Chimney Professional or a licensed plumber that know how to install gas logs. I would always question whom is going to be installing your logs. We here at Masters Services has sold and installed over 6000 log set in 16 years.

Burner Assembly Options Natural Gas
Vented Gas Logs Burners include Burner, Custom Grate, Connector Kit, Glowing Embers, Sand, and Damper Clamp.

Gas Log Pricing details coming soon…

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