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Fireplace Remodels

Update Your Fireplace for a Stunning Focal Point in Your Home
Add an entirely new fireplace system...more efficient, burn hotter!

MS Fireplace Portrait

Professional Fireplace Services

At Masters Services we rise above and beyond to install new fireplaces or remodel old outdated fireplace fronts. We sell all kinds of fireplaces. We can upgrade your current fireplace burning experience to be more efficient and/or we can remodel the fireplace front to the 2020’s. We offer professional contracting for all kinds of fireplace service, including in-house remodels.

How to get ideas for your Fireplace Remodel.

Pinterest is the best place to start. We can do anything imaginable as long as its within code and clearances.

If you’re not sure what you want, but know you need to make a change to your fireplace, Masters Services has a design consultant to help you with those trendy ideas or just classic updating! Our in-house design expert will consultant with you for a fee to design; or can skip the consultant fee if you have a solid vision of what you want.

Get Masters Insights on Your Custom Fireplace Remodel

Do you have an outdated fireplace? Do you want an updated living space that makes you feel warm and cozy? Modern or country chic your style? Classic but updated to today’s standards? Yes, yes, and more yes’s! Masters Services can remodel your fireplace to any design you can think up. Show us pictures and we will make it possible.

Would you like to update an old existing fireplace to a new modern country chic look that is trendy, or take an old firebox and replace it to look like an updated classic? We do it. If you want to update the old brick we can refinish it with stone with a Texas cedar mantle.

Do you want to take out that wood burning fireplace and upgrade to a wall button start direct vent fireplace? We do it. Want to go modern and put a linear fireplace with beach sand and drift wood for a cool breeze ambience? Masters does it.

Fireplace Remodel Ideas

Masters Services has multiple firebox manufacturers. We have every type of fireplace on the market available to install. . We can update your brick, change it to stone, or modernize to straight line finish out.

The country chic is a current trend with a modern flare with whites and grays. Maybe your style is traditional but updated with newer conditioned materials. You may want a linear firebox burning in your living room that is simple but wide, like over 60″s. We can do it. Masters Services can make your remodel or new fireplace come to life, call for details.

Masters Services has several ways a remodel or new fireplace can be installed. We may take on the whole project in-house. We may do some of the work and sub other parts out. Or we may sub the entire project. It all depends on the project and our availability. All our fireplace remodels that may need a sub will be disclosed at time of contract. All our subs have either worked for us for many years or Masters has know them for years and just started using them. Either way you’re not left out in the cold and passed on to someone that will not complete the job to our high standards.

How to Get Started:

1. Call Us. We will set up a free in-house consultation. At this time please give us exactly your vision of the fireplace remodel. Bring lots of pictures! If you do not know exactly what you want, then we will look together and collaborate to come up with a start to your vision. After that you will be sent to our design sub that will charge a fee to design exactly what you want.
2. Design presentation and estimate.
3. Approval. A deposit for all materials plus 20% of the estimate is paid. The work will be scheduled.
4. Work begins. Material delivery, demo, preinstall preparation, install, and finish out. A draw or several draws within the work flow may be necessary for larger projects.
5. Walk through and fireplace instructional class on how to use will be competed
6. Minor discount offered for Promotional Actions on your part.
7. Pay in full.

Project Timeline & Details

Masters Services does fireplace remodels in the Dallas Fort Worth area as well as Houston. Direct vent, wood burning, electric, and outdoor fireplaces are all available to add new or remodel.

We will come out and get all your ideas. We will look at the fireplace and chimney and do a paid inspection to see if the fireplace is up to the properly functioning specifications. We will discuss getting the fireplace work in order and then the remodeling can be estimated. All the work can happen simultaneously.

Fireplace Remodel Options

Your options are endless with gas fireplaces, electric fireplaces, and wood burning as well. Traditional Rumford Fireplace, widescreen, large (huge), or very small options can be installed or retrofitted into your existing firebox or the space can be remodeled to fit any style.

custom glass steel fireplace doors arabesque

Make a statement with a fireplace upgrade that is as beautiful as they are functional: interchangeable glass fireplace doors. Our glass fireplace doors are a beautiful, practical alternative to free-standing screens. Why?

  • Interchangeable – Unlike anything else on the market, our door panels can be switched out for a new design as often as you like! With customization available, the sky is the limit for your design ideas.
  • Safety – protect children and pets from unstable screens, sparks, and flames.
  • Energy – Efficient – keep warm air inside your home in the winter, minimize the intrusion of cold drafts. Keep cool air in the summer.
  • Beautiful – Our doors are more than functional- they are art for your fireplace! Enjoy the view from inside your home with our interchangeable panel options.

Learn More About Custom Glass Fireplace Doors >>

The PriorFire Retro Fireplace insert is a great option for upgrading your existing fireplace. Reasons to upgrade are…

  • if the fireplace has clearance to combustible clearance issues
  • if you want more heat, much more heat
  • if you want to have more efficient burning
  • if you want to almost have no leftover ash
  • if you want a taller fire

The PriorFire Retro Fireplace is an excellent option for a UL Listed masonry fireplace replacement unit.

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