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Proudly Family-Owned and Operated for Over 25 Years.

Hey Neighbor!

Since 1996, Masters Services Chimney & Masonry has set the standard for excellence in the fireplace industry in Dallas, Fort Worth, Houston, and Oklahoma. Masters Services is a family-owned and operated corporation founded by Chad Murray.

Masters Services is committed to serving our neighbors and allowing the “chimney to tell the story.” We want to make sure you are burning the safest fire possible in your home.

Masters Services has uniformed employees in company branded trucks. Beyond the uniform- we offer each employee a path to certification and skill development so that working at Masters isn’t just a “job”. We put family first in our lives and extend that focus to the care we take in our customers’ homes.

Meet Chad and Christa, the Dream Team Behind Masters

We value family; with 3 generations working at Masters Services, we have made it a priority! From our family to yours, we offer services to keep your chimney and vent systems in tip top shape. We understand the value of your house as more than an investment- it’s a home. Over the years we’ve brought  our focus on family into our company and strive to provide your family with the best service experience.

Chad and Christa MS
The Masters Services Family

Chimney Chat: Growing Up in Our Family Business

Growing up, I remember going into the Masters Services office during the summertime. While my parents would be busy working, I had to find other ways to occupy my time. When the employees in the call center would go on their break or even run to the restroom, I would silently snoop around. Looking at the open desk and the lonely phone, I had an idea. This was my chance to let my creativity run wild, and to finally fill in the duties of an adult.
Careful to not to touch any of the belongings on the desk, I would grasp the phone with precision and allow my imagination to take over. Cautious not to be caught in the act, I spoke in a soft but eager tone. “Hello, this is Gracie speaking. Is your refrigerator running?”, or “Hello, Queen Elizabeth. Of course, I will have tea with you this evening,” followed by giddy laughter as if somebody were actually on the other end of the phone. Just as I heard footsteps coming towards me, I would leap up out of the victim’s chair and run as fast I could to my secret hiding spot.

By Gracie Murray

Contact Masters Services

If you have any questions or are ready to schedule an appointment, give us a call today! Our friendly staff is prepared to help you with your chimney sweep and repair needs.

Our chimney sweep services are comprehensive, so whatever your chimney needs are, don’t hesitate to call. Chimney Caps, chimney sweep, chimney repair, relining, rebuilding, and much more- we’re passionate about our services and our team’s skilled expertise. In fact, we don’t just provide quality chimney cap installations, but we’re also a chimney cap fabricator. We pay attention to every detail and offer chimney inspections because we want your fireplace to be a safe place you enjoy with your loved ones. We service chimneys in all of our services areas, especially Denton, Dallas, Houston, and Oklahoma City.

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