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Chimney and Fireplace FAQ's

When should I get my chimney swept?

The question you should be asking is when should you get your chimney inspected? Annually per the NFPA 211, the chimney code book.

Chimney sweep  or cleaning should be done when before it is needed or built up to become a hazard. Many chimney fires occur every year because a chimney professional has not inspected it for proper usage.

We don't use the fireplace much, should we still get it inspected?

If you plan on turning on your fireplace According to the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) standard 211, “Chimneys, fireplaces, and vents shall be inspected at least once a year for soundness, freedom from deposits, and correct clearances. Cleaning, maintenance, and repairs shall be done if necessary.”

It’s our experience the people that do not use their fireplace often have the most issues and large repairs because of moisture damage and neglect.

Do we have to fix all the repairs you estimated?

Our estimate and inspections result in recommendations that if it is a functioning repair or service it MUST be completed for us to ok the usage on our reports. Of course all recommendations should be repaired to have a properly functioning fireplace and chimney. If not we will mark the system not up to code standards.

Are we certified?

Yes and no. We have CSIA certifications for many of our staff including the call center. All our sales inspectors are either CSIA certified or in training to get the certification.

How long have we been in business?

Chad and Christa Murray started in the chimney industry in 1997 with the chimney business named Chimney Patrol. As the business grew and more services were added they decided to incorporate in the Masters Services.

Do offer financing?

Yes, we do.
Many of our repairs can be in depth with all the new codes and fire issues so yes, we offer financing.

Are there warranties on our work?

We do offer warranties. Every service or product is warrantied but how long depends on the item or service. Click for warranty page.

Why is my fireplace smoking? What do I do about it?

Smoking chimneys are caused by a few factors…

  • soot or creosote buildup, bird or animal debris (nesting), some kind of flue obstruction like falling bricks or roof shingles (i know right)….clean the chimney
  • check to see if the damper is open. Look, it may have closed from an animal intruder or you just forgot
  • the chimney was never built correctly in the first place. The chimney flue was not sized correctly and/or not built tall enough

My chimney stinks!

So your chimney has bad breath, it’s called chimney breath. Creosote has typically built up and when its humid outside the creosote sweats a smell back into the house.

Your chimney may also have a negative pressure issue which causes downdrafts. An inspection to correct is needed because of many factors that are causing the house pressure to be negative.

Is my chimney safe after you inspect and repair it?

We will leave your fireplace and chimney in proper working order the day we leave. It’s on you the homeowner to keep the system working properly and to keep up with the maintenance needed for your usage.

My chimney has been like this for years, please just clean it.

We hear this often enough that I had to put it here in the FAQ’s.
It only takes one chimney fire to know you wished you had taken care of your chimney. Unfortunately we see this all the time.

Do you know why fire codes are made? Bad things happened enough that a code and standard had to enforced. Many people balk at the codes because it’s often  expensive to repair but that’s the price of us allowing you to have a hot fire in the middle of your house.

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