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Prefab Chimney Repairs

Prefab Chimney Repairs and Service

Is my Chimney a Prefab?

First thing’s first – how can you tell if your chimney is a prefab?

The two can look similar due to many prefabs being cased in a simulated brick housing – but there are some key differences. Use the following guidelines to determine which type of chimney you have.

Prefab vs Masonry for Roofing Companies

Fireplaces come in two general types: masonry fireplaces and factory built (prefab) fireplaces. To figure out which you have will take only a moment of detective work on your part. A masonry fireplace has a firebox built of individual generally yellowish firebrick, a brick chimney above the roof, and if you look up past the damper you will see a roughly pyramid shaped affair also built of brick. A prefab fireplace generally has a firebox of cast refractory panels, and usually some metal is visible in the room all around the firebox. If you look up past the damper, you will see a round metal chimney. And above the roof is more round metal chimney, sometimes surrounded by a simulated brick housing.
Source: The Chimney Safety Institute of America

Get Your Prefab Chimney Up To Code!

Chimney Cap Chase Pan

Chimney Chase Covers

Chase covers do the exact same thing as a mortar crown. Since there is a metal pipe coming through you cannot use mortar to seal the top. A chase cover has a hole in it for the metal flue (pipe) to come through. The pipe is then sealed with a rain collar. The pipe has a termination cap on top keeping out most of the rain. Don’t be fooled by the chimney, prefab chimney’s have every kind of chimney chase exterior from wood, Hardie, brick, stone, and even stucco. What makes it prefab as stated above is the pipe flue.

Chimney Chase Cover Upgrades

This is one of our best upgrades to go over a chase cover, the #2 upgrade over a chase cover. The Stevenson is our most popular chase cover upgrade because the chase cover is part of the cap. The #1 chimney cap cannot be installed over a chase cover. You can ask for a Stevenson with a flat lid instead of the turtle look. Chase Cover Upgrades are good for protecting the chase cover from sun and rain general deterioration.

We’re not just chimney cap installers, we are also the chimney cap fabricator!

We update chase covers by installing chimney caps in Texas and Oklahoma. We also offer shipping anywhere in USA and Canada. Our fully operational sheet metal shop in Denton, Texas is where we make our chimney caps and related chimney and fireplace products. If you have an idea for a chimney cap not listed among our Chimney Chase Cover Options, you can Contact Us for an estimate to fabricate your own designer chimney cap.

All chase cover caps are designed up to the current codes and standards as well as installed by the proper code methods for each style of chimney cap.

Copper Chimney Cap Made and Installed by Master Services
Chase Cover Installation on Chimney Cap

Prefab Chimney Repairs and Rebuilds

Looking for information on Chimney Repairs and Chimney Rebuilds?

Masters Services will tear down your prefab chimney made of any kind of material and rebuild the chimney. We can use Hardie boards, Hardie planks,or bricks. Deterioration of chimney’s is common. Many chimney’s have not been waterproofed or were made of wood. Wood rots over time no matter how many times you paint it. Hardie products last a lifetime.

When rebuilding with Hardie we frame, skin, board or plank, trim, seal, flash, and install new chase cover. No leaks! Brand new chimney!

When rebuilding a chase you must have a new chase cover installed. Old chase covers will not fit properly. Rebuild with bricks to match the house if you choose.

Waterproofing for your Prefab Chimney

Whether you have a prefab or masonry chimney, it is suceptible to water and weather damage. Masters Certified Chimney Experts are your best service option for Waterproofing Brick Chimneys in Dallas, Houston, and Oklahoma City!

Prefabricated fireplaces installed into a masonry chimney must be waterproofed every 8-10 years. The mortar joints leak as bad as having a garden hose point down the chimney. It is one of the most common leaks and easiest to correct. Chimney Saver solves chimney leaks!

Chimney Waterproofing
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