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Chimney Camera Inspections

Camera Inspections and Full Reporting of Conditions

During Fireplace Inspection with Customer
Camera Inspection Report

Chimney Camera Inspections

"The Chimney Tells the Story"

Keep your chimney burning as it’s intended to with your annual chimney camera inspection. Our chimney experts will perform a thorough inspection with a specialized camera feed, while offering education and insights on chimney care!

“The Chimney Tells the Story” means we will give you the information of the current condition of your fireplace and chimney system.

We will NOT clean (sweep) the chimney unless the fireplace and chimney are in NFPA 211 code compliance.

A thorough inspection report for your chimney and fireplace is completed like a home inspectors report. Information about the chimney components and why they need repaired. Pictures of every repair will be documented and on the report. A camera will be sent up the chimney and the video will be on your invoice to view. YOU CANNOT INSPECT A CHIMNEY WITH A FLASHLIGHT. Our reports are detailed and easy to understand descriptions of your code violations or necessary repairs.

Smoking fireplaces and usage issues are not guaranteed even with a code compliant system. Some factors are in considerations of usage are:

  • moisture percentage of wood
  • inside air supply, oxygen low in the fireplace room causes smoking
  • greater the temperature difference, the more draft is produced. If the temperature difference is not adequate, such as for example when a smoldering fire produces low flue gas temperature, the upward flow in the chimney becomes weak and unstable, and smoking can result.
  • dynamic wind loading is when wind is blowing on one side of the house and not the other, a vacuum can be created, sucking air out of the house causing air to pull down on the chimney preventing it from exiting the flue.

Get Your Chimney Up To Code!

Regular chimney cleaning and service will minimize the amount of creosote in the chimney and as a result, reduce the severity of a flue fire should it occur. Ensuring the safety of your home is our top priority, having even a controlled fire in your home can be dangerous if the tools, your fireplace, and all of its parts, are not maintained properly and kept in great condition.

Masters Services Certified Chimney Professional visually inspects all components of the firebox and chimney for fire worthiness and camera inspects the flue. Checking to see if any water damage has occurred from a leak in the flashing, mortar crown, chimney chase, and maybe even from the chimney cap. Water Leak Inspections on chimneys is our specialty, roofers call us for water leaks. Cracks in the firebox or panels are the leading cause in chimney fires other than operator error. Common inspection issues include animal nesting debris, rusty broken dampers, lintel deterioration, smoke damage, and brick spalling.

All of our Chimney Inspections and Fireplace Inspections are completed using an i-Pad and a chimney camera. Upon completion of the inspections a copy of the report will be printed from our truck printer and emailed to you, so you get a paper and email copy. The report will include all components of the fireplace and chimney condition. It also includes whether it complies with NFPA 211 chimney code standards.

An estimate for any necessary repairs will be emailed. If approved, we can schedule an appointment to perform the repairs as soon as possible. Call today for your certified chimney inspection!

How is a Chimney Camera Inspection Done?

Master Services uses a specialized camera that’s attached to a pole designed to feed up the chimney flue. Using a camera guarantees that we can reach every angle of the chimney. In other words, we use a camera to get a better idea of what’s going on inside. While viewing the inspection video with the customer, we notify them about any specific issues with the condition of the chimney.

A chimney inspection allows our customers to get a good look at the underlying problems with their chimney. Often times, these compilations have been causing safety risks for months without the homeowner’s knowledge! When you pair the camera footage with our chimney technician’s expert knowledge and experience, you truly get the best value on a chimney inspection.

The inspection video is sent to the customer with the service invoice so that they can review it later. In addition, we provide a printed copy to the customer after the job.

Camera Inspection Report

Getting a chimney camera inspection done can reveal potential issues inside your chimney. Often times, people are unaware of the safety concerns in their chimney. It’s impossible to determine issues without a chimney camera inspection. Thus, there is no way to physically see the inside of the chimney. Unless, special camera equipment is utilized.

After testing for code violations, Master Services then gives out an estimate. Estimates from Master Services includes what the exact code violations are. The estimate also provides specific details on how we would fix them, if we were to be hired.

Can I Use A Flashlight to Inspect My Chimney?

Most people think a glance up the chimney is good enough for an ‘”inspection”. This not case, a flashlight only lets you glimpse a portion of the chimney lining. A flashlight only reveals as much as the naked eye can see. This means that you are only seeing a small percentage of what your chimney flue has to reveal, and can miss some essential things that require specialized attention and create a safety issue!

Without a doubt, this method can give the homeowner false satisfaction. Using a flashlight gives an inaccurate reflection of the chimney condition.

On the other hand, a camera inspection allows for a thorough, close up view. Therefore, you can’t inspect your chimney without help from professionals.

Chimney inspections should be done by trained technicians to ensure everything is inspected correctly. Doing an inspection by yourself can cause issues to be prolonged and possibly disregarded completely. Our technicians know exactly what to look when inspecting a chimney.

What Does A Chimney Camera Inspection Include?

After every chimney camera inspection, a copy of the report is printed and is physically given to the customer. In case the papers are lost or damage, the customer will also receive another copy through email.

Check out below what an inspection report looks like. This report is given to the customer to review everything in detail. In addition, it highlights the exact issues and how we would go about fixing them. It also explains how everything is supposed to look and if the chimney passes code safety standards.

Chimney camera inspections reveal information about the chimney that most customers aren’t aware of. Chimney camera inspections record every angle possible of your chimney. As a result, the report is typically several pages long. To sum up the report, let’s go over the information written on each page.

Each page of the report has information documented about your chimney. It includes before and after pictures of the repairs and all the code violations. Everything is organized and detailed to ensure the issues are clearly specified.

The first page states the customer’s name, address and the reason for service. Next, we provide a photo of the chimney and information about the flue. This typically fills up pages one though three.

Then, the customers flashing information is provided. Pictures of what chimney flashing is supposed to look like will also be provided for the customer. If there are issues with the exterior mortar of the chimney, it is noted. On the example report above, you can find these details on pages four through six.

Chimney Sweep Service Equipment

Why Hire Masters Services for My Chimney Inspection?

Masters Services is a Certified Chimney Professional and will visually inspect every chimney and firebox before performing a chimney sweep. Every inspection is done to provide a detailed safety report of any moisture, fire, or animal damage that has occurred over time to the chimney components.

Master Services is classified as Certified Chimney Professionals. Several chimney sweeps run their business off experience, instead of proven knowledge. Our company, is based purely on the commitment of the code of conduct. For reference, technicians train to perfect the proper techniques.

Our company follows every rule in the code of conduct. Especially, when it comes to the integrity of our employees. Without doubt, our customers receive complete honesty and fairness.

If you’re looking for a trustworthy chimney sweep to hire, you found one! Call Master Services to schedule a chimney camera inspection or to get a free estimate!

Why Does My Chimney Need to Be Up to Code?

You may be wondering why it even matters if the inside of your chimney isn’t up to code. Having a chimney that’s not up to code, may not directly affect your day to day life. Although, it could potentially be putting your family at risk for safety concerns.

Having your chimney up to code standards doesn’t just keep your family safe. Likewise, it could be saving you thousands of dollars in the future. For example, without a chimney inspection, people would never know that their chimney needs a relining. Without proper relining, using your fireplace can become hazardous and even life threatening.

Chimney lining is essentially a layer of protection for your chimney. It insulates heat escaping the chimney flue when the fireplace is turned on. When the chimney lining is deteriorated, it can cause a number of dangerous predicaments. Even worse, when the lining is completely absence from the chimney.

What if my chimney has lining put in already? If you have had a chimney lining installed before, that doesn’t mean your chimney is up to code. Many people believe having a chimney lining put in once means they won’t have any further issues. For this reason, this is most overlooked problem when it comes to chimney and fireplace maintenance.

During Fireplace Inspection with Customer

Masters Services Certified Chimney Professional has been in the fireplace industry in Texas and Oklahoma since 1996.

Masters Services serves as a Texas Chimney Sweep, and an Oklahoma Chimney Sweep, that has done over 50,000 chimney cleanings in over 25 years.

Masters Services handles every chimney related repair, product, and installation for your chimney and your fireplace. We keep current with the new codes, products, materials, and new methods for repairing or upgrading your chimney. If you have an idea for a chimney product and we do not offer that product contact us and we will look into offering it or becoming a dealer for that product.

As a Certified Chimney Professional, Masters Services has cleaned over 50,000 chimney and fireplaces in any and every condition. A homeowner never really knows how dirty the chimney flue is until a chimney professional has completed a thorough inspection. We have often found that the fireplace looks remodeled and appears to be brand spanking new, when in fact the chimney was never serviced and is a complete fire hazard. New home buyers should always get the chimney inspected by a Certified Chimney Professional in addition to the home inspector.

Meet Our Founder

Chad Murray, founding owner of Masters Services, is a Certified Master Chimney Technician with more than 25 years of experience. Chad has been published in and is a Home Service Business Coach to share his experience and knowledge with other business owners.

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