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Chimney Sweep Oklahoma

As the highest rated chimney sweep in Oklahoma, Masters Services offers the best Oklahoma chimney sweeps service.

Oklahoma has a cold enough winter that supports the need to burn wood in fireplaces. A safety inspection for every fireplace and chimney should be performed by a Certified CHimney Professional before the first fire of the year. If upon the inspection the chimney professional determines it needs a chimney sweep, Masters Services offers the chimney sweep as part of the safety inspection price.

The State of Oklahoma does not require a chimney service to be certified to clean chimneys. However, Masters Services has gone above and beyond by studing and passing for the Certified Chimney Professional certification. Don’t just hire a guy with a pole and a brush. Knowing the local and federal standards for maintaining a safe chimney and fireplace is our goal in offering a quality Oklahoma chimney sweep service. I will admit learning the chimney industry has been alot of hard work. I went years not being certified and learned how to repair many situations from common sense, but was not always correct. I always did a great job but could not always solve the problem. Finally becoming certified, I had found every solution to any chimney and fireplace problem.

The chimney sweeps in Oklahoma do not typically offer the correct style of chimney caps. I have often wondered why they do not offer full coverage chimney caps. Instead the offer flue caps that only cover the flue opening and not the entire top of the chimney. When I purchased my house I didn’t get the roof only on top of my master bedroom, i got a roof to cover the entire house. Why would you not do the same for a chimney? Keep out all the deteriorating moisture and every critter that can enter chimneys to live, flue caps do not do any of this. Flue caps only keep out birds! Period! Look at the picture, the difference is completely obvious. An Oklahoma chimney cap should cover the entire chimney, have screeeing on if for sparks, and not to allow birds and critters to gain enterance. As hot as it gets in the summer and as cold as it gets in the winter every chimney cap should be constructed to withstand the Oklahoma weather conditions from not falling off. Flue caps are made good, but the are attached to a deteriorating chimney top if not covered, hince they often fall off the chimney and roof. Our Oklahoma City Chimney Sweep service only offers chimney caps that completely cover the chimney.





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