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Protecting Your
"Hearth" & Soul

Burn the safest fire in your home. Masters Services is here to get your chimney up to code! Offering comprehensive services including chimney inspections, cleaning, repairs, custom fabrications, and installation– we are your one stop chimney service solution.

We also offer wildlife removal services! From dangerous damage to invasive critters, we've seen it all. Your chimney "tells a story," and the Masters Services team is here to help you read what your chimney has to say.


Chimney Camera Inspections

Because You Can't Inspect a Chimney With a Flashlight!

In most cases, our services begin with an inspection. A thorough inspection report of your chimney and fireplace is completed just like a home inspector's report. Information about your specific chimney components, photos of any damage, and information detailing any needed repairs is all included on your report.

A specialized camera is sent up the chimney by the Masters Services technician, and the video will be included with your report to view.

Our reports are detailed and include easy-to-understand descriptions of your fireplace and chimney status, including any code violations or necessary repairs.



Camera Inspection Report

Services Offered:

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Certified Master Chimney Techs

Chad Murray, our founding CEO, is a Certified Master Chimney Technician. Our company is experienced, professional, and proud to have over 23 years in the industry.

We value family; with 3 generations working at Masters Services, we have made it a priority! From our family to yours, we offer the services to keep your chimney in tip top shape.



During the Making of a Custom Chimney Cap Fabrication

Custom Fabrications

We're not just any chimney cap installer- we are also the chimney cap fabricator! Our chimney caps are built in-house to ensure that you are receiving the highest quality products that has been customized to your home. You can rest easy knowing that your chimney cap is guaranteed by Masters Services.



Wildlife Removal Animal Trapping

Wildlife Removal Services

Masters Services will not stop wildlife removal until there is absolutely no wildlife activity.

We use humane tactics to remove your furry or feathered stowaways and safely relocate them. Different wildlife requires specialized knowledge for safe removal, so call Masters Services for a free, professional consultation today.



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Masters Services

Wildlife Removal

Noise in the Attic?


Masters Services offers wildlife removal services in Dallas and Houston for single family dwellings, government facility buildings, commercial warehouses, and even shipping yard nuisance wildlife removals. Get in touch with Masters Services, the best reviewed chimney and wildlife removal company in Texas, for your free wildlife removal estimate.

About Wildlife Removal

Critters Control service areas in Harris County, TX

Our Awards

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  • We hired this company to do an inspection of our fireplace and chimney.   Some mistakes were made initially, but the owner Chad and manager John did everything they could to fix the mistakes and make sure our fireplace and chimney was not only safe, but BEAUTIFUL.   Master Services stands by its service, and does everything necessary to make sure they are the gold standard in the industry.
    Blakely M.
    Yelp Review (01/25/2019)
  • Nick and team did a great job water proofing my fire place chimney! Highly recommend.
    D. Alex Robertson
    Google Review (03/01/2019)
  • “Masters Services has been able to fix every problem I've had. Amazing people and amazing customer service.”
    Best Pick Reports Review (01/29/2017)
  • “Andrew was fantastic in quickly identifying our wildlife issue and guiding us through the options available. He was extremely professional, personable, and did a great job. We highly recommend Andrew and will definitely request him if we ever need Masters Services again!”
    Troy W.
    Angie's List Review (09/24/2015)
  • Family Owned & Operated for Over 22 Years

    Here at Masters Services, we take pride in our community and make it our mission to provide premium chimney sweeps & chimney caps. Our chimney repair jobs will exceed your expectations, and we always treat our customers the same way we treat our neighbors. Here are a few things you can expect when you enlist our services for your chimney cap and or chimney repair needs for all locations we cover including Houston, Dallas.

  • We Offer Superior Services

    You’ve spent a lot of time and money investing in your property, whether it is a home or place of business, and our services are designed to add value to it. We also know when you require someone to perform a job like fix a crack in a chimney, your quality of life can be affected. That’s why we’ve taken the time to learn and apply the best practices for each job whether it be fireplace repair or chimney sweep.

    Our team is professional and easy to communicate with. We keep you informed throughout our entire process. While we are quick and efficient in each project we take on, we’re also thorough and never cut corners to get the job done faster. We know when it comes to jobs like a cracked chimney cap, you don’t just want to see the problem out of sight—you want to make sure it doesn’t come back, and that’s what we’re here for.

  • Chimney Sweep & Chimney Caps

    Our services in chimney sweep & Houston chimney caps are comprehensive, so whatever your chimney needs are, don't hesitate to call. Chimney Caps, chimney Sweep, chimney repair, relining, rebuilding, and much more is something we’re passionate about. In fact, we don’t just provide quality chimney cap installations, but we’re also a chimney cap fabricator. We pay attention to every detail and offer chimney inspections because we want your fireplace to be a safe place you enjoy with your loved ones. We service chimneys in all of our services areas especially Houston TX. Rest assured that if you call Masters Services for a chimney cap or chimney sweep you wont be disappointed.

  • Wildlife Control & Removal

    When we complete wildlife removal or help you with wildlife control, we only use methods that are humane and thorough because we value the environment as much as we value your home or business. While we’ve had the appropriate training when it comes to tasks like snake removal, we’ve also put in the years to gain invaluable field experience. We know the signs to look for when you’re in need of rat control or other animal removal to ensure that the wildlife won’t be coming back.

    If you want the job done right, don’t let an amateur do it. Our skill set ranges from skunk removal to helping you deal with a bat infestation. While it might seem simple to perform a task like raccoon control, once you get started, you’ll be surprised to see how much is involved. We’ve designed a system that takes every factor into account to ensure that the animal is removed and it doesn’t return. We offer Squirrel Removal, Rodent Removal, Raccoon Removal, Snake Removal, Rat Removal, Skunk Removal & Bat Removal.

    We can also help with dead animal removal. There are times when animals will die in chimneys and attics, and for the safety of your home, you’ll want these removed immediately.

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