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Masonry Chimney Repairs

Stop Chimney Leaks and Deterioration

There are 3 levels of water leak solutions.
Level 1. 95% Success rate with solving water leaks in chimneys.

  • Full Coverage Chimney Cap
  • Crack Free Mortar Crown
  • Seal Mortar Crown
  • Waterproof Brick and Mortar
  • Bond Chimney to the Flashing to the Roof
  • Minor Tuck Pointing if needed
  • These products and services are all outlined below.

Level 2. Tuck point the entire chimney.

  • Seal Mortar Crown
  • Waterproof Brick and Mortar

Level 3.

Rebuild the entire chimney.

  • Full Coverage Chimney Cap
  • Crack Free Mortar Crown

How and Why We Waterproof a Chimney

Certified Chimney Professional and Masters Services Owner Chad Murray discusses why waterproofing is essential to your chimney health.

#1 Chimney Cap Installed by Master Services

Chimney Caps

Chimney repairs all start with not having a full coverage chimney cap. They keep out the deteriorating rain water that erodes the chimney structure and components. Our chimney caps carry a limited lifetime warranty and are fabricated by us. Our animal proofed screen we install and fabricate with our CNC plasma cutter is the very best in the chimney cap industry. Full coverage means our chimney caps cover the entire chimney top and the first row of brick resulting in low or no chimney repairs.

Top Sealing Dampers

Top sealing dampers seal out any rain blowing into the chimney cap. More importantly top sealing dampers seal in the A/C and heat from leaving the home as well as keeping out the hot ot cold air from entering. Combined with a full coverage chimney cap makes your chimney perfect from any weather entering or interior climate leaving. Installed on the flue top with a chain coming down into the firebox.

Damper That Covers Flu
Mortar Crown Coating

Mortar Crowns

The chimney should be solid on top with a bed of smooth mortar holding the chimney top together. Apply Crown Coat to seal the mortar crown for a lifetime warranty the chimney never leaks from the mortar crown. Once sealed the chimney top will never deteriorate or leak, guaranteed for a lifetime no chimney repairs on your mortar crown.

Brick or Stone Solid, Free from Cracks

Repairing your chimney cracks is called tuck pointing. Drilling out any cracks and filling them in with as close as possible matching aged mortar. Many times you cannot even tell a chimney repair was even performed on your chimney. Often times tuck pointing the entire chimney is necessary to stop a chimney chase from leaking.

Tuck Pointing Mortar Joint on Chimney Cap
Waterproofing Red Brick Chimney

Waterproofing – Chimney Saver

Chimney Saver Waterproofing is the best chimney chase sealant on the market, hands down! Spraying the exterior with Chimney Saver seals any moisture from entering the chimney however it allows any moisture already inside to evaporate out of the chase. Purely scientific and perhaps a chimney miracle! Every chimney should be Chimney Saver waterproofed resulting in no future chimney repairs!


Your flashing should be secured to the chimney and not bowing out. It should be free from rust or holes. We use FlashSeal to seal the chimney to the flashing and the flashing to the roof. FlashSeal creates a bond that forms a perfect seal from moisture entering the roof, attic, or walls, no future water leak chimney repairs!

Flashing Sealed Chimney to Roof
Chimney Flashing Covers

Step Out Flashing

Step outs in chimneys need to be covered for a perfect water diversion.