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Texas Chimney Sweep

The best rated Texas chimney sweep is Masters Services. Only chimney sweep in Best Picks Reports, highest rating on Google, the most ServiceMagic ratings, and a Preferred Angies List member. Experienced wildlife removal service for Texas wildlife.

Texas has many climate regions within its boarders. North Texas can have cold winters, as for south Texas usually has a mild winter. However, Texas residents love to burn fire wood in their indoor and outdoor fireplaces. A safety inspection for every fireplace and chimney should be performed by a Certified Chimney Professional before the first fire of the year. Water damage could have occurred since the last fire or a critter could of taken up residence creating a fire hazard. The cost of an annual safety inspection is only $99.99. I find it funny that most people do not have their chimney and fireplace inspected to prevent their home from burning down until something is wrong. If you inspected the chimney every year for safety the chances of ever having a problem are 95% reduced. People spend more on shoes than an annual safety inspection and your shoes won’t kill you, well some women’s shoes hurt (lol), but don’t burn down your house.

If a chimney sweep is necessary then its less than an additional $75 on top of the inspection cost to have it professionally swept. In the winter time we charge anywhere from $129.99 – $159.99 to have a chimney inspected and swept. Supply and demand, the busier we book out the price goes up. Schedule your chimney inspection today for the lowest cost possible, waiting really does cost more.

Master Services is a excellent Texas wildlife removal service. We offer a free initial inspection or service call to give a proper evaluation of you wildlife removal needs. We can remove raccoons from attics, know how to get rid of squirrels, trap a skunk, get roof rats out of the attic, stop an armadillo from digging up the yard, remove a snake from the garden, take an opossum from under the porch away, remove a colony of bats in an attic, and remove a dead animal from a wall or lawn.

Masters services presently serves these Texas services as a Dallas Chimney Sweep and Houston Chimney Sweep. Dallas and Houston are two completely different markets. Dallas we have a busier chimney sweep service than a Dallas wildlife removal service. Our Houston Wildlife Removal service does more appointments than chimney service. The Dallas Wildlife Removal service we offer is typically really busy in the spring and summer, but slow down for the fall and winter. The Dallas chimney sweep service and our Fort Worth Chimney Sweep service is booming with all of our seven technicians rock-in and a roll-in.

Our Fort Worth Chimney Sweep does and even amount of chimney repairs and chimney cleanings. Fort Worth tends to have more animal removals for chimneys than Dallas and Houston.

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