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Chimney Rebuilds

Chimney Rebuilds
We can tear down any chimney to the roof or the ground and rebuild it back to code.

Rebuild Masonry Chimney Before Picture
Rebuild Masonry Chimney During Repairs
Rebuild Masonry Chimney During Repair
Rebuild Masonry Chimney Completion

Masonry Chimney Chase Rebuilds

Usually, you can tell just by looking whether a fireplace is masonry or prefab. Check out our blog post on the Difference Between Masonry and Prefabricated Fireplaces for more information. People with more traditional tastes tend to prefer the brickwork and aged look of a masonry fireplace. Masonry chimneys are typically found on older homes, and this can mean older stonework. Stone and brick work are susceptible, like most other materials, to wear and tear over time. Chimneys without a Chimney Cap are especially at risk of weathering and damage!

We start the Chimney Rebuild Process by tearing down the chimney chase to the roof due to spalling of the bricks.

The chimney in this picture was a project in Plano. Texas in 2011. It was falling apart and leaking water into the living room!

Once torn down, we replaced the flashing around the base and rebuilt the chimney with a similar brick size and color match the the original chimney. Masters Services Chimney Sweep then puts a chimney cap on the mortar crown, waterproofs the entire chimney, and then seals the flashing to ensure a water tight seal on the entire structure.

Prefabricated Chimney Chase Rebuilds

Prefabricated, Factory-built fireplaces usually have chimneys extending through the roof. Sometimes these are encased with siding or simulated brick and they usually have a chase cover on top of the chimney.

Prefab fireplaces are extensively factory-tested for safety. However, they have to be installed correctly to be safe. You must be sure that replacement parts are made for your specific fireplace, or risk a house fire. The housing on prefab chimneys is usually a synthetic material like siding, and can be susceptible to wear or rot over time.

Some prefab fireplaces burn wood, some gas, some both. Be sure to only burn the correct fuel in your prefab fireplace box.

Wooden chimney chases commonly rot and leak water, causing mold and damage to attics and sheetrock. Here in Texas where our rainy seasons can mean torrential downpours and thunderstorms, this can mean expensive home repairs for homeowners!

Here is a project we recently completed. The chimney had been blown over in high winds. We rebuilt the chimney and put all the piping back into place. We made a new Stevenson cap on top and painted the chimney.

Chimney Fallen Over
Chimney Fallen Over Framing
Chimney Fallen Over Rebuilt
Chimney Fallen Over Repair Finished

Prefabricated Chimney Chase Rebuilds

When we were called out to inspect this chimney it was obvious there was damage and rotting in the siding. When we removed the rotten siding it was replaced burning the chimney rebuild with a much more sturdy hardi-board and painted.

Before and After Rebuild of Chimney
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