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Smoke Chamber

Chimney Smoke Chamber

Smoke Chamber in Masonry Chimney Before and After

What is a Chimney Smoke Chamber?

The smoke chamber is the area of the chimney above the firebox. Designed to guide smoke out of your home, the smoke chamber angles from wide to a narrower opening of your chimney. The smoke chamber is essential to funnel smoke from the firebox up and out into the chimney. Defaults or damage to your smoke chamber can impede the flow of smoke, causing a bad draft (flow of smoke and air). When a chimney isn’t drafting correctly, smoke flows back into your home rather than up your chimney.

Over time, the lining of the smoke chamber wears down and can face water damage. Masters Services offers Chimney Relining Service to preserve the integrity of your smoke chamber. Keep cozy with a fire – and keep your chimney liner up to par so the toxins from smoke go outside instead of into your home!

Masters Services Certified Chimney Experts strongly recommend that every smoke chamber of a chimney be professionally inspected. Every chimney eventually leaks and wears, so stop it before it becomes a problem!

Need Your Smoke Chamber Serviced?

Why Hire Masters Services to Service my Smoke Chamber?

Masters Services is a Certified Chimney Professional and will visually inspect every chimney and firebox before performing a chimney sweep. Every inspection is done to provide a detailed safety report of any moisture, fire, or animal damage that has occurred over time to the chimney components.

Houston Chimney Sweep Smoke

Master Services is classified as Certified Chimney Professionals. Several chimney sweeps run their business off experience, instead of proven knowledge. Our company, is based purely on the commitment of the code of conduct. For reference, technicians train to perfect the proper techniques.

Our company follows every rule in the code of conduct. Especially, when it comes to the integrity of our employees. Without doubt, our customers receive complete honesty and fairness.

If you’re looking for a trustworthy chimney sweep to hire, you found one! Call Master Services to schedule a chimney camera inspection or to get a free estimate!

Masters Services Certified Chimney Professional has been in the fireplace industry in Texas and Oklahoma since 1996.

Masters Services serves as a Texas Chimney Sweep, and an Oklahoma Chimney Sweep, that has done over 50,000 chimney cleanings in over 21 years.

Masters Services handles every chimney related repair, product, and installation for your chimney and your fireplace. We keep current with the new codes, products, materials, and new methods for repairing or upgrading your chimney. If you have an idea for a chimney product and we do not offer that product contact us and we will look into offering it or becoming a dealer for that product.

As a Certified Chimney Professional, Masters Services has cleaned over 50,000 chimney and fireplaces in any and every condition. A homeowner never really knows how dirty the chimney flue is until a chimney professional has completed a thorough inspection. We have often found that the fireplace looks remodeled and appears to be brand spanking new, when in fact the chimney was never serviced and is a complete fire hazard. New home buyers should always get the chimney inspected by a Certified Chimney Professional in addition to the home inspector.

Meet Our Founder

Chad Murray, founding owner of Masters Services, is a Certified Master Chimney Technician with more than 20 years of experience. Chad has been published in and is a Home Service Business Coach to share his experience and knowledge with other business owners.

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