Here at Masters Services, we take rodent control & rodent removal in Denton, TX very seriously. We know that when rodents invade your home, it can make your living or working space hard to be in. Not only can this be a stressful situation, but it can also be a dangerous one for household pets and people because of the diseases that they carry and the damage they can do to a home. When you need rodent control & rodent removal in Denton, TX, get in touch with us so we can help you take back your properly

How to Know You’ve Been Invaded

There are a few different signs that will alert you that you need rodent control & rodent removal in Denton, TX. Of course, if you see the rodent that has invaded your space running across the floor or in other areas such as when you open a kitchen cabinet, you’ll be alerted. Sometimes a pet will let us know there is an invader by heavily focusing on one area of your home. Rodents will also leave droppings behind and they will often leave chew marks in and around the areas they live and eat. In fact, rodents have been known to chew through electrical wires causing a very dangerous situation for those that live in the home.

What You Can Do to Remove the Rodents

When you want to safely and effectively remove rodents, take the time to bring in the professionals at Masters Services. At home methods may not resolve the problem completely but only gloss over it for a little while. Especially when you don’t know how many rodents are in your space or what kinds, a DIY option is not the best solution. If and when the problems returns, you’ll find yourself even more stressed out with no end in sight.

When you bring in the experts, we’ll be able to thoroughly inspect the area to make sure that all places the rodents can enter are closed, as well as get an accurate number of how many have invaded your space. We can also help with repairs once the rodent removal job is done. If the rodents have made a substantial mess such as chewing through walls and other structural damage, you’ll want to have that taken care of. We’ll gladly do it while we’re there because we know you’re ready to take your home back.

When You Should Make the Call

As soon as you see the signs that you need rodent control & rodent removal in Denton, TX, then give us a call at 972-877-4650. You can also stop by our office at 2301 N. Masch Branch Rd. Suite #201, Denton, Texas 76207. Once we’ve agreed on the services you need and have given you an affordable quote, we’ll get started with our process. We make sure to treat your home with the same respect that we treat our own, and it’s our mission to leave your property looking better than when we arrive. We always look forward to exceeding your expectations, so let us show you what we can do.