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How a Chimney Sweep Adds Value to Your Home

Custom Chimney Cap Add Home Value with Master Services

How a chimney sweep adds value to your home in 2020. Whether you want to sell your house, or simply add value to it, you may not realize that a chimney sweep can help. Your fireplace is a wonderful way to welcome people into your home, and many have fantastic stone and brickwork or elegant mantles that will enhance the décor and add an element of durability to your structure. But if you don’t highlight and properly care for these aspects, you won’t make those lasting impressions. When you want to make the most of your space and add value to your property, here are a few reasons that you should call a chimney sweep to help.

You’ll Have a Clean and Cozy Ambiance

When you use your fireplace on a daily basis, it’s going to have the soot and used look, which can be quite pleasing when you’re the one using it. However, if you’re ready to sell your home or want to make a great first impression for the upcoming family that is coming in town for the holidays, then having a professional chimney sweep come in and complete the project for will give you the results that you’re striving for. Once the job is complete, you can place the wood in an attractive way to create a cozy ambiance before the fire is ever lit.

The Aesthetics in Your Home Will Improve

Many people will overlook the aesthetic beauty that a fireplace adds to a room, as well as the outside of your home. A chimney sweep will be able to repair damages that can occur over time and will bring your fireplace back to life if it’s been neglected or has seen harsh weather. There are many elements that can disrupt even the most durable chimneys, and the pros will be able to correct those issues and get your fireplace working in prime condition again.

You’ll Provide a Safe Atmosphere

While you want to add beauty and durability to your home, when you hire a chimney sweep, you’ll also add safety. Chimney fires are preventable, and it’s important to be proactive each year to make sure you’re ready to start that first fire. Beyond hiring a chimney sweep, you should have other safety features such as an accessible fire extinguisher and a screen to prevent embers from popping out of the fireplace and landing on wood or carpet.

You’ll Have the Proper Documentation to Show Buyers

People buying a home will appreciate that you kept the invoices for when you had repairs made and routine maintenance performed by a professional. This can make a big impact on how a chimney sweep adds value to the final results of your sales now and in the future. There are some tasks that people won’t mind that you did on your own, but when it comes to things like your fireplace, you’ll want to give everyone peace of mind that a thorough job was done from the chimney cap to the mantle.

Hire a Certified Master Chimney Technician Adds Value

Hire a Certified Master Chimney Technician will inform future buyers that a professional has services the chimney and fireplace. Chad Murray is the owner of Masters Services.

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