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Dallas Chimney Sweep Earns Master Certificate

Masters Services Certified Chimney Professional Sweep

Master Certified Chimney Professional

Dallas’s Only Master Certified Chimney Technician

Dallas chimney sweep, Masters Services, is proud to announce Chad Murray has earned his Master Certified Chimney Technician Certificate. Chad started chimney sweeping in Dallas in 1996 after serving in the Army National Guard and Marine Corps. Not afraid of heights he and his wife Christa started their first small business. After 20 years now they have grown the small business to over 30 plus employees and 3 states.

Dallas Chimney Sweep Inspections

Dallas Chimney Sweep

Masters Services will show up on time to inspect your fireplace and chimney. We will be uniformed and in a logo’g truck (have some new trucks waiting for logo’s lol). We will inspect the chimney structure for cracks, rust, water leaks, broken components, and if an animal has been in the chimney. Our inspections are emailed with an electric inspection that will have images. Our Dallas chimney sweep inspectors all have been trained by Chad and have trained on all chimney requirement codes.

Masters Services will only sweep (clean) a chimney that passes current safety codes from the NFPA 211: Standards for Chimneys, Fireplaces, Vents, and Solid Fuel-Burning Appliances. Masters Services does not certify the fireplace and chimney for usage due to after we leave the usage is out of out control. We do however give full inspection reports on our findings to ensure a safe functioning fireplace and chimney.

Masters Services is the top rated Dallas chimney sweep in Google, Home Advisor, Best Picks Reports, and Porch.

Chimney Sweep Dallas Certified

Dallas Chimney Sweep Technicians

Masters Services has 7 installer trucks with two team members, a crew leader and a crew helper. Safety requires two man crews on many of our installs. Our crews are experts in repairing all types of chimney and fireplaces. they can do…

  • Brick and mortar repairs
  • Chimney caps
  • Flashing
  • Animal removal
  • Waterproofing
  • Firebox repairs and rebuilds
  • Chimney Sweep Dallas

  • Chimney Rebuilds
  • Damper replacements
  • Sweep the flue
  • Reline the chimney
  • Install gas logs
  • Replace starter pipes
  • Lintel packings
  • Professional Dallas Chimney Sweep Service

    Chimney Inspection

    Chad and Christa have built Masters Services on values, professionalism, kindness, customer acknowledgement, and bride. Everything we have done is from the point of view of how they want to be treated by a service company. Nobody wants to wait around for an all day service call. That is why we only give two hour arrival times. If late we will call before to inform the customer. We are not perfect but we try to keep our times. As the largest Dallas chimney sweep we are not the most expensive but not a discount service. Supporting Masters Services is also supporting about 30-50 employees and their families. We take pride in being a small business in Dallas. Our goal is to retain as many seasonal employees as we possible can. In 2016 for the upcoming 2017 season were almost able to keep all of our installers. This will translate into better and faster chimney services for Dallas.

    We have been able to in September of 2017 send a few crews to Houston to support the Hurricane Harvey efforts for chimney leaks. Houston does not have many chimney services so for a Dallas chimney sweep to come and support Houston with all of its leaks was tremendously helpful in a quick response.

    Dallas Chimney Sweep Call Center

    Chimney Sweep Dallas Call Center
    Our call center has trained people that know how to answer easy chimney questions to schedule your appointment. We are open 8am -6pm Monday thru Thursday and 8am – 5pm Friday. The weekends we are open on Saturday 9am – 5pm and floating hours on Sunday to return calls. We try to answer every call upon its first ring but due to seasonal overloads you may need to leave a message or do a schedule request on our website. Christa and Wanda (Chad’s Mom) operate the call center. Christa has been in the Dallas chimney sweep industry as long as Chad being they started the company together.

    Dallas Chimney Caps

    If you are in need of a Dallas chimney cap, we are the largest manufacturer of custom chimney caps in Texas and Oklahoma. Our #1 and #2 chimney cap covers masonry chimney tops. The chase cover and stevenson chimney caps are the base models for prefabricated chimney caps. All of our chimney caps are lifetime warranted in normal weather conditions. Made from colored steel, copper, paint grip, or galvanized sheet metal. We also have Hayes style chimney caps for a upgraded exterior look to your home. Copper is common on the #2 and Hayes chimney styles. Standing seams are an option as well as raised lids and arched windows.

    Chimney Caps Dallas

    How to do a Dallas Chimney Sweep

    How to do a Dallas Chimney Sweep. Our process is a no mess sweep guaranteed. Poles, brushes, and a vacuum is used for an easy soot sweep removal. If there is 3rd degree glazed creosote we do a PCR chemical treatment to remove the fire hazard. We will not know if a PCR is required until the inspection is performed. Two more appointments will be needed to complete the PCR. Second appointment is to apply and third appointment is to sweep the chimney. Dallas users of wood burning fireplaces need a PCR if the burn a lot of wood. Many customers need it but it is not the norm. 1 out of 50 need a PCR.

    Other Services a Dallas Chimney Sweep Offers

    Our Dallas chimney sweep service offers dryer vent cleanings and nuisance wildlife removal. You should have your dryer vent cleaned every year to keep it from ruining your dryer. Not cleaning the dryer vent can lead to a fire hazard as well. Our nuisance wildlife removal services traps raccoons, squirrels, opossum, snakes, bats, rats, and armadillo. We safely removae and release at a safe non residential area with in 10 miles per State of Texas Wildlife Department. Masters Services go into wildlife due to animals living, breading, and dying in chimneys. One day a raccoon that Chad got out of a chimney entered the houses attic. Chad did the research and was able to remove the raccoon the nest day.

    Masters Services has the best certifications and qualifications to serve your chimney needs as a Dallas chimney sweep. Call 972-877-4650 to set up your inspection.

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