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The cold is coming! If you have a chimney in your home and have not had a chimney inspection and Denver chimney sweep in the last year then it is time to get one done before you are ready to burn for the winter season. Chimneys are exposed to all sorts of elements from extreme heat to excesses of water and extreme cold. All of these things can and will affect the life of all parts of your chimney from the brick to siding to the piping or brick flue and everything in between. Getting annual chimney inspections completed on your home will help to catch anything that my become trouble as it is happening to keep repairs from getting out of hand.

There is one thing about Denver, chimneys and fireplaces are used almost all year long. When you burn that much you are creating a lot of soot and ash that needs to go somewhere, most will fall into your firebox and you already have your routine worked out on how you sweep that out and dispose of it. But what happens to the soot and creosote that goes up the flue as the heat rises? All of that has to be regularly cleaned out of the chimney to keep it from building up and becoming a postential fire hazard. When there is too much build up in your flue there is a potential of the build up chunking off and becoming lit, this particle can then float up the chimnney aflame, if you do not have a spark arrestor or chimney cap in place, sometimes even when you have these things, the flaming ember can get stuck in the flue or on the roof top and catch other things on fire. The best thing to do when owning a home is to keep the flue from ever getting to this point by making sure to get a regular Denver chimney sweep and inspection done.

Chimney fires are a possible reality of any home with a chimney. Keeping your chimney in perfect functioning condition is truely the best way to prevent them happening. For example, if you have a prefabricated fireplace there are panels that are in the firebox called refractor panels, these have the task of absorbing the heat from the fire to keep it off of the metal firebox itself. When the firebox takes on too much heat it can cause the box to warp out of shape, when this happens there is a potential of the box coming into contact with other building materials and cause fires from the heat contact. During a Denver chimney sweep and inspection all of these potential trouble spots will be looked at and assessed.

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