Living in a home with a chimney can be one of the most enjoyable parts of the home. During the colder months, your family can light a fire, sit around it with cups of cocoa and spend quality time together. It can also help with the energy costs of running a home because you can turn the thermostat down and allow the heat from the fireplace to warm the house.

Even when the fireplace is not in use, it is a beautiful focal point in the room; many prefer to base the look of the room around the fire place by coordinating the placement of furniture around it and placing their favorite memorabilia on the mantle. However, the chimney requires regular maintenance in order to properly function. The best Denver chimney maintenance company, Masters Services, can assist you with this.

Why Should you Call a Denver Chimney Maintenance Company?

It is important that you have your chimney regularly serviced and inspected for the safety of you and your family. There are dangers that you may not be able to see, which makes the dangers even more treacherous. The best Denver chimney maintenance company can assess the situation and take care of any issues.

Some things an expert can find during routine maintenance include:

Chimney Blockage: When subpar Denver chimney maintenance company is utilized, creosote builds up within the chimney, creating a blockage. Creosote is a soot that is created when wood is burned and it is highly flammable. If the creosote is allowed to build up, heat or sparks that comes from a fire in the fire place can rise, causing the creosote to burst into flame. The blockage is another way that poisonous gases can be emitted into your home.

Chimney Cracks: Cracks in any portion of the chimney, such as in flue tiles or the firebox, can cause a chimney fire. Soot and gases can escape through the cracks and stick in other places, which is a fire hazard because they are combustible. Should they catch fire, the fire will not be contained within the chimney. The cracks are also dangerous because they could allow poisonous gas to enter your home, causing major health risks. If the poisonous gasses are allowed to enter your home, one of which being carbon monoxide, you and your family will ingest them by simply breathing, which could cause nausea, fatigue, headaches and even death.

Denver Chimney Maintenance Process

  1. Inspect outside of the chimney
  2. Inspect for structural damage to a chimney cap can prevent smoke from adequately leaving the shaft
  3. Inspect the chimney case
  4. Inspect the chimney cap from the outside / and looking in
  5. Inspect for debris that collects in a chimney’s structure is frequently plant matter such as leaves and branches
  6. Inspect for squirrels and raccoons that may have entered the cap of a chimney to live in an attic
  7. Check for debris in the shaft that may be a potential fire hazard

Same Day Service

Contacting a Denver chimney maintenance company is easy with a simple phone call. Masters Services has Denver chimney cleaning professionals available for same day service. The workers will arrive at your home with a truck filled with heavy-duty equipment and vacuums that are designed for maintaining chimney structures. Employees are trained to understand various types of chimney’s interiors to ensure it is properly maintained. After the removal of soot and debris from a chimney, smoke emissions containing dangerous carbon monoxide will quickly leave the shaft.

Masters Services is the best Denver chimney sweep company. They have the expertly trained professionals to take care of all of your chimney maintenance, even the ones you may not know you need. Allowing the Masters Services to take care of your chimney will save you time, money and the health of your family.