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Bat Control & Removal Houston TX

Bats can be fascinating creatures and are very different from other wildlife removal situations. We take extra care in bat control & bat removal in Houston, TX because we know that while bats can be beneficial, the can also do some damage and be harmful to the health of people and pets. Our team has taken the time to learn about the different species of bats and what you can expect from them when they invade your space. When it comes to bat control & bat removal in Houston, here are a few things you should know about us and the services we offer.

Why You Should Let the Wildlife Professionals Handle Bat Removal

Because bats can fly and generally only come out at night, we take extra care when we do the inspection of your property. Often, we’ll have to come during the evening when the bats are feeding to ensure we have a complete understanding of how many have infested the area. Bats will often find shelter in places that are closed off, like chimneys. Their droppings can actually cause a threat to human health when a lot builds up because it causes a fungus that, when breathed in, may cause lung disease.

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While it is rare that they carry rabies (even though they have gotten a bad reputation for that), if they do have the disease, you can’t tell like you would a skunk or opossum. Some of the signs that you have a bat infestation are seeing them at dusk eating insects that surround porch lights or seeing their droppings. You may also find a brown or dark oil like substance on walls.

Bat Control & Bat Removal in Houston

When you call us to schedule an inspection of your home, you’ll meet some of the most experienced wildlife removal professionals in Houston. We take pride in our job and want to make sure that we don’t just remove the bats for them to come back later, but that we’ve taken care of the problem for good. Bat control & bat removal is a specialty of ours because we’ve taken the time to study their unique qualities and patterns. Don’t leave this job up to an amateur if you want to get real results that last!

When You Have a Bat Infestation, Give Us a Call!

If you have a bat infestation that you need to be removed, don’t go it alone. Call in the professional for bat control & bat removal at Masters Services to handle the job for you. We have the training and experience to humanely correct this problem. We respect the work that bats do in Houston when it comes to collecting insects and being a positive part of our environment, but we also know that you don’t want them doing this work from your chimney or attic. Let us make the difference in your day so you can enjoy the nature outside of your home, instead of inside it.

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