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Wildlife Removal

Wildlife Control and Relocation of Raccoon

Wildlife removal has blossomed into a separate industry from pest control. Wildlife removal services do not use chemicals to eliminate nuisance wildlife like pest control companies use chemicals to control pests. Wildlife removal services are an elimination service. Nuisance animals can be deterred from coming back as well as removed from the property. Whereas insects are so abundant that you can only control the insects with chemicals that dry up or wash away with the weather conditions.

A good wildlife removal service first comes out to the property and does a complete property inspection. Why? Homeowners think they know exactly where and what the animal is, but more often than not, it is a completely different nuisance than first thought. An easy entry point is often known about, but the ten others not seen by the naked eye are still present. If all the entries are not well repaired another nuisance animal will take up residence. Wildlife follows pheromones of other wildlife. One week you take out a raccoon from the attic and just one entry was repaired, two weeks later another raccoon is in the attic from an easy opening that was not found in the initial inspection. This is why you hire a good wildlife removal service, it may cost a little more to get all the entry repairs found, but no more nuisance wildlife necessary on your property. We follow up many pest control companies who have started to trap but cannot seem to eliminate the problem, we even follow up other less experienced wildlife removal services.

Master Chimney & Wildlife Remval Service

When hiring a wildlife removal service look at reviews, associations, and the years experience. It will save you money in the long run to hire the best company first, Masters Services.

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