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Wildlife Removal Spring Season

Wildlife Squirrel Removal

Wildlife removal in Dallas, Fort Worth, and Houston is starting to pick up for the spring on squirrels. Squirrels have to mating seasons, spring and fall, and spring is almost upon us. This week we have already done six squirrel calls for squirrels in attics or in the soffet (siding or space between roof and ceiling). No litters of baby squirrels yet, but the time is almost upon us. One way traps are our first method of removal. One way traps let the squirrels leave but cannot get back into the entry point the already chewed. If the squirrel chews another way in then we use a one way trap with a end cap on it, that traps the problem squirrel in the trap so we can relocate it to a non-residential property or wildlife reserve.

Squirrels and raccoons are one of the top wildlife removal animals Masters Services handles in the spring. We have had three raccoons in chimneys in the last week, none of which were mother raccoons with pups. Wildlife removal is dangerous and should only be attempted by trained wildlife control officers, Masters Services.

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