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Wildlife Removal & Repairs in Dallas and Houston

We here at Masters Services in Dallas (972) 877-4650 and Houston (713) 723-4854 are experts in repairing entry points critter make to enter your home. Our wildlife repairs are designed to keep any future unwanted critter from re-entry into the home.

Masters Services wants to not just find the entry point the animal has created, but any future entry points another animal might find easy to gain access. Wildlife removal repairs must be done correctly to insure another animal doesn’t get access from the same entry point. If you just put caulk in a rat entry, rats will just chew threw it and get back in the same entry point. However, if if you but hardware cloth (screen) in the entry before you caulk the animal cannot chew threw it.

We also do not just use any kind of caulk. We us Pur Black Foam. It is an animal proofing caulk that hardens in 10-15 minutes and used with hardware cloth keeps out any unwanted wildlife. Pur Black Foam is available in black or white colors. It not only keeps wildlife out, it will keep out birds and insects as well.

Unfortunately homeowners do not deal with wildlife removal repairs until wildlife has become an issue. Masters Services does home inspections for wildlife prevention for $89. The inspection will find any present entries or future possible entries. We will give you an estimate to repair it and give you a warranty on our work. If an animal gains access through our repairs the removal and repairs from that animal are free. Unfortunately the warranty does not cover if an animal gains access from a new point that was not in need of repair at time of the inspection.

Wildlife is unpredictable and can try to gain access anywhere they want to, we try to repair the easy access points and reinforce any possible access points. Animals have as much time as they need, so homeowners need to be aware of any chewing or rotting on the exterior of their home. The best deterrent of keeping wildlife out of your house is to keep a good eye on your exterior of your home.

Things to look for to prevent wildlife from trying or has gained access to your home are…

  1. Rotten or decayed wood

  2. Dirty foot prints on vents

  3. Damaged or bent vents

  4. Feces (droppings) on roof, in the yard, or on the fence

  5. Loose or missing roof shingles

  6. Digging in the yard

  7. Poor initial construction, corners under the sofits not sealed

Here is a before and after of a gable vent that had birds and squirrels getting into the attic. Masters Services put hardware cloth neatly over the gable vent for a lifetime warrantied wildlife removal repair.

If you already know you have an animal in your attic or siding of your home Masters Services will come out for free to give you a free consultation on our fees and solutions to resolve your situation.


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