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Wildlife Removal in Houston

Wildlife Removal in Houston by Brian

If you look closely you can see a raccoon in the trap. After he released the raccoon Brian cleaned up all the feces and took out the nesting debris the raccoon left in the attic.
The attic was then sanitized and deodorized from the enzymes and parasites left from the feces and urine. The entry point was found and repaired.

Every wildlife removal in Houston done by Masters Services ends up being successful. The nuisance animal will either be deterred by our methods or removed by a trained Nuisance Wildlife Control Technician. Every wildlife removal has the same end result, the nuisance gone. Not every wildlife situation is the same therefore different procedures may be applied.


Two neighbors both have raccoons in the attic. Both neighbors call Masters Services to have them removed at the same time. House A has a mother raccoon living in the corner of the attic. House B has a family of raccoons getting into the attic but living in between a wall divider space.

House A has an entry point for the raccoons through an attic vent. House B has a fist size hole in the siding by an attic dormer. Masters Services decided to put raccoon eviction fluid in both houses. Two days later House A’s raccoons were gone but House B’s raccoons were still in between the walls. Typically the raccoon eviction fluid works 95% of the time. However, when dealing with wild animals not all of them cooperate. So we set two raccoon traps in the attic and caught her that very night. We located the raccoon pups in the wall and cut them out of a bedroom closet wall.

Both homes needed to have the feces removed and then the attics sanitized.

There are a number of different methods of raccoon removals out there that Masters Services can do if the initial method does not work. We can only predict what the animal will do, that is why you hire us. Anyone can set a trap, but can the successfully trap a raccoon with it? I cannot count how many times a client has called and said they bought their own trap and cannot trap anything in it. We come out and set our trap right next to their trap and that very evening we trap the raccoon in our trap.

Every wildlife removal in Houston is a completely different situation. Is it rats, raccoons, opossum, skunk, armadillos, bats, birds, snakes, feral cats, or a squirrel? Often clients think it squirrels and it rats or a raccoon.

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