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Wildlife Removal Houston

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Masters Services (713) 723-4854, is who to call when you need Houston Wildlife Removal for squirrels, raccoons, armadillos, rats, bats, skunks, snakes, birds, opossums, and dead animal removals. Please no cat or dog calls.


Masters Services is a family founded, owned and operated chimney sweep that does a Houston wildlife removal service. Removing animals from chimneys is an everyday service that Masters Services provides to Houston residents. It only makes sense to learn how to remove animals from attics, garages, under porches, inside soft vents or spaces, yards, and trees.


Masters Services credentials include…


  • Our company has over 40 perfect Google Reviews
  • We are a Preferred Angie’s List Member
  • Our company has over Over 450 Positive HomeAdvisor Reviews!
  • We have been selected for the EBSCO Best Picks book for 5 years in a row!
  • We have also received an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau.
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    Are you experiencing any of the following problems?

    Animal Removal Arvada

    Do you hear a Raccoon in the attic? Is there a Mother raccoon with pups in the attic? Do you hear Squirrels chewing into the attic? Are you watching an Armadillo digging in the yard right in front of your eyes? Is that pesky armadillo Ruining your once beautiful Flower beds? Do you think you might have Rats in the attic? Do you see rats eating up all your cat food in the garage? Do you have a sneaking suspicion that there could be birds nesting in the chimney or eves of the house? Are you pretty sure there might be an opossum living under your BBQ grill? Or worse, do you smell a dead animal or rotting smell coming from the attic? Is there a dead animal laying in the yard for all the neighbors to see?

    Above is a list of some of the most common wildlife removal situations Masters Services handles. We can resolve most Houston wildlife removal problems within 48 hours. We cannot guarantee the animal will be trapped by the 48 hours but we can guarantee the animal leave before we are finished with the job. At times the wild animal does not cooperate and we have to change tactics to resolve the problem. For example, trap friendly raccoons (meaning raccoons that understand and know how to get the bait out of a trap without setting it off) need modified traps to capture and secure them or armadillos that do not return to your yard within three weeks but then came back to the other side to dig.

    Are you dealing with rats?

    Animal in the Attic Pearland

    One way that Rats can keep getting into your attic is by chewing new holes in siding or behind the gutters. These locations can be very difficult to see, in turn confusing you as to where and how they are getting in. Our technicians, on the first initial wildlife assessment appointment will be able to determine where these holes are located, and where the rats keep getting in. I can go on and on, but we know that our clients like to hire Masters Services technicians because our technicians are very experienced and are armed with the proper training and knowledge to solve all these problems quickly, efficiently, and effectively. Most of the time it goes as planned, but wildlife is unpredictable. Every wildlife removal in Houston is different from every other wildlife removal because every house is different, every animal is unique, and every situation can change at a moment’s notice. Our technicians can determine if you have one wild animal in the home or a whole family of animals. Masters Services will always do the right thing. Hire us and we will have your wildlife removal Houston problems solved as soon as possible.

    Rat Fact: Did you know?

    Rats prefer to hide – given enough space. So if you see rats or their droppings in plain sight, it is very likely that you have a full-blown infestation! When a rat’s space becomes limited (due to increased population) these rats are forced out into the open –this is when you start seeing their droppings or even a live rat!

    We get customers asking – How is it that the rats don’t get caught in the traps I’ve set?

    You don’t want to be handling rats or their droppings. Rats harbor multitudes of diseases and viruses which you can spread to yourself and/or your loved ones. You also may not be able to find all of the entry ways that the rats are getting into. They can squeeze into an entry way the size of a quarter!

    The most common wildlife removal calls for Houston area are for rats. A particular kind of rat that is a BIG problem in Houston is “roof rats”. This is a BIG problem for two reasons- one, they are actually BIG. They have longer tales than other rats, and bigger ears in proportion to their body. They are infesting homes and businesses all over the greater Houston area. Roof rats are also known as “black rats”, even though sometimes they can be a dark brown that looks like black from far away. Roof rats only need an opening the size of a quarter to get into your home or business. Roof rats like to be up high. They are good climbers; they can climb walls and use utility lines or your fences to travel from home to home or structure to structure. They enjoy nesting inside of the warmth and safety of a home in the winter months.

    Roof rats have a very high survival rate – because in urban areas they have no natural predators! This is where our wildlife removal specialists come in. We can take care of your roof rat problem in Houston. Call Masters Services Houston Wildlife removal to get the help your home needs!

    Brian McMahon Houston Chimney Sweep

    Our technicians will arrive to your home in a full uniform, with a logo’d truck. We do not hire independent contractors; we utilize our very own experienced, tried and trusted technicians. They are polite, courteous and knowledgeable. We pride ourselves in customer service and making sure the customer knows that we will do our absolute best to help you figure out your particular wildlife removal Houston situation.

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