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Wildlife Removal Houston Service

Wildlife Removal of Baby Raccoons in Dallas

Are you fighting with the animals in your home?

Getting professional wildlife removal Houston done on your home is nothing to be ashamed about. Animals will get into homes for all manner of reasons, first and foremost being safety, followed by the chance to be in a temperature controlled environment and a place to store any food or nests away from the danger of any predators. There are many different conditions in a home that can attract animals, food sources are the most common that we find. If you have pets that are fed outside, trash cans that do not have secured lids, store any pet food in sealed containers. Often times, even a neighbor feeding their cats or dogs outside can even attract outdoor animal removal company.

If you have any weak siding or vent covers there is higher chance of a larger animal like a raccoon or opossum getting to the space. For these larger animals it is very easy for them to make a not fully secure opening larger to get themselves and any offspring into the part of the home they are shooting for. For a raccoon, there is no problem with them taking a screen that may have a loose side and pulling it completely off, or bending the metal to make a larger entrance for themselves.

Once upon a time…

A Master Services truck drives through a neighborhood full on beautiful trees whose leaves have been kissed by the fall. It slows down, turns into a driveway on the left and pulls up to a brown and tan contemporary 2 story home. Andrew steps of the truck with a clipboard. He walks up to the door and knocks. Mrs. Daniels appears. Andrew, “Mrs. Daniels?”. “Yes”, she says. Andrew responds, “I’m Andrew with Master Services.”. “Thank you so much for coming. Please come in.”. Andrew steps into her home as she closes the door. He looks at his clipboard. “According to my notes, you think that you have an animal in your attic.”, Andrew said. “Yes. I hear all kind of noises.” Mrs. Daniels responded, “I’m not sure what kind of animal or animals…Oh goodness.”. She touches her face. “There could be several things up there. I’m so glad you’re here.”. “Let’s take a look”, Andrew responded. She guides him down a long scarcely decorated hallway and then up a staircase with Cherrywood railing. She points up to the ceiling at an attic door. “Stand back”, Andrew says. Mrs. Daniels takes several steps back. She watches intensely as Andrew pulls down the attic door. The stairs slowly descend. Andrew climbs up.

Once in the attic, Andrew looks around. His face reflects a familiar aroma. He makes his way into the attic. Andrew inspects each corner of the attic. As he walks up to the last corner, he notices a hole where the sheet rock and attic ceiling meet. He notices raccoon droppings below the window. He takes a few pictures, jots some things down on his clipboard then heads out. Mrs. Daniels, anxiously waiting below, watches him climb down. “Did you see it?”, says Mrs. Daniels. Andrew responds, “I saw the evidence and smelled it too. I can come back and set traps to catch the animals, plug the holes and sanitize and deodorize the attic. I’ve emailed you the quote and if you would like us to complete the job, the office will be happy to schedule the work.”. Mrs. Daniels grabs her cell phone.

As Andrew kneels down places a trap on the floor, he hears a noise and turns the left. A 30 pounds raccoon stares at him with rage in her eyes as leaps towards him. Andrew quickly stands up jumps on a nearby beam. She chases him. He hops from beam to bean until… the raccoon came at him and he was able to knock her away, in a staring contest that was more a battle of wills, “You…”, he says to the raccoon, “I’ll be back.” She lets out a laugh then disappears.

The very next morning Mrs. Daniels placed a call to us that sure enough, the raccoon was in the trap!

A story about squirrel wildlife removal

Today I received a call from a customer regarding our wildlife removal Houston service. He wanted us to come out and remove a squirrel from his chimney. I explained to him that we would be able to come out and do a free estimate but we would not be able to make it out for a few days due to the holidays. The customer informed me that there was a foul smell, so he thought that it was probably dead. Under normal circumstances our wildlife removal Houston services are readily available but during our busy season with our increased request for chimney and wildlife services, sometimes it’s not possible for us to provide same day service. And we’re not alone.

Although the winter season does not start officially until Dec 21st, the cold weather normally starts late fall. The first sign of cold weather stands as a reminder to many that it’s time for their annual chimney cleaning but it also prompts the animals the tis’ the season to find a warm and cozy spot to hide from the cold! Even if it means finding a clever way to finagle their way into your attic or chimney. Although they may find a way in, in some instances they can’t find their way out causing them to get stuck and sometimes perishing. Poor little squirrel!

One biggest benefit of our wildlife removal Houston service is not just removing the squirrel but and the awful odor but we will also find the entry points that allowed the squirrel to invite his or herself and offer solutions that will prevent it from happening again. These suggested items may include chimney caps, plugging entry holes and other ideas to keep your home safe, sound and odor free for the season.

Our services do extend past just squirrels in the attic or chimney. We are able to come out and search and trap animals on the outside of your home as well. Garages, porches, soffets, yards, under foundations are siding are just a few places animals like to find to stay warm. The animals we service are Raccoons, Armadillos, Skunks, Bats, Opossums and Rats. Unfortunately, there are some animals we don’t provided services for, specifically cats and dogs. We also recommend calling 311 at times for Animal Control. They are able to come out at times and trap and catch live animals and take them away. When our technicians provide trapping services, poison is something we choose not to use. We bait our traps with things like peanut butter and dog food. So the animals actually stay alive in the traps until we come out and pick them up. Also, you don’t have to worry about household animals being harmed if they accidentally find their way in.

Thanks for taking the time to read this blog about our wildlife removal Houston service.

If you have any additional questions, please feel free to contact us, Masters Services (713) 723-4854!

With the cooler weather already upon us, many animals are seeking somewhere to hide from the cold. They are looking for spaces to settle into to keep warm either under your home or in your attic of chimney.

Here are a few tips that will help to prevent small, or even large, unwelcome guest into your home. Inspect your home for any small openings. Even holes that you think would be too small for any animal should be closed as well. Some animals can climb vertical brick or masonry walls that have a
roughened surface. They can enter through vents, chimneys, broken windows, knot holes and construction gaps under eaves or gables. They’re quite clever. Also inspect your home on the outside for places that animals can squeeze into. Those areas can generally be closed off with materials from your local hardware store. Depending on the amount of work that needs to be done, you may have to call in a contractor. Chimney caps are a way to keep animals from creeping in. They come in different styles and colors. Some have attempted to use wire or metal screening that they install over the chimney. This, unfortunately, is not safe for your home. Leaves that fall from trees collect on it and make a paste once they are rained on. The sparks from a fire that is lit can ignite the leaves which will fall onto the roof and cause a house fire.

Here are just a few signs if an animal does weasel its way into your home. Noises are a huge indicator. You may hear noises such as scratching and pounding. One customer has even described it as sounding like an obstacle course in the attic! There are also smells. Different animals have different scents so there could be a huge range aromas. The worst of them all, off course, is if one happens to die. Unfortunately, they can sometimes even be trapped between the walls. The best thing to do if one does creep in, is call someone who deals with wildlife removal Houston. They will be able to come out and search the walls, attic and chimney to find out where the animal is located. Some companies will do an estimate for free and some may charge depending on where the animal is located and how fast they can locate the animal. They will also be able to place traps with bait if necessary. The bait that’s used is not poison usually, but you should always ask and make sure. If any household pets do get caught in any of the traps, they will not be harmed. The technician that comes out will also show you how to release the trap if a household animal does get in.

Dialing 311 is always an option. They can sometimes send Animal Control out to your property or refer you to someone who handles wildlife removal Houston. It’s up to you to protect your home from intrusions this season. Good Luck!

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