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Wildlife Removal Houston Residents Need to Know About

Houston Chimney Wildlife
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Squirrels and raccoons are awfully cute, but they’re not something that you really want to tangle with. If a family of raccoons has moved in under your house, call on Masters Services for careful and humane wildlife removal. Houston homeowners please dial 713.723.4854 and tell us what you need us to capture and relocate.

You probably wouldn’t think that armadillos are so darling, if you ever actually tangled with one. Any wild creature is likely to become aggressive when it feels cornered. They can become all teeth and claws and anger. Whereas many wild animals present an outward appearance of adorable cuteness, in reality a cornered animal will make a concerted effort to tear you right up. Instead of attempting to catch a wild animal by yourself, call us for effective and humane wildlife removal Houston. We’ll trap the varmint and take him somewhere nice. We happen to be quite fond of wild animals. We know that you may not be, especially when a raccoon, armadillo, squirrel or other critter is burrowing in your garden, hiding under your house or nesting in your chimney. Our gentle and humane wildlife removal Houston service will allow both you and the little invader to go on to live your lives in peace.

Wildlife Removal Company in Houston

Masters Services

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Of course, wildlife removal Houston is not the only thing we do. We are a full service chimney sweeping, repair and maintenance outfit and the company to call for anything regarding your chimney. Don’t try to deal with chimney problems on your own. You will only make a mess of everything. We have the experience, the tools and the savvy to do the job right the first time. Save our number into your phone and use it any time you require our services. Remember to call for a good chimney cleaning before the start of every fireplace season.

We have been getting many calls over the last month for raccoons removal Houston. Most people are not sure how many raccoons are there or how long they have been there or even how they got in. Raccoons can be a very annoying house guest. For one they tend to do a lot of damage, mainly because of their size, they tend to make existing holes bigger and are even capable of making holes where there were none.

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