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Call Who for a Wildlife Removal in Houston Texas

Animals Trapped and Relocated by Master Services

Crash…something just fell over in the attic!
Boom…there is rustling about in the attic!
Scratch Scratch…something is scratching in the attic!
Chirp Chirp Chirp…animal noises coming from the attic!
Step Step Step Step…there’s something walking in my attic!

YES, there’s an unwanted animal in the attic!
Do I call the city? Animal control?
Do I do it myself?
How about I call the police?
Do I just do nothing because it will go away?
How about my pest control service?

Who do I call for a quick wildlife removal in Houston, Texas?

Do not call the city or animal control for an animal in your attic. Animal control does not go into attics. Animal control will come out to pick up an already trapped animal safely secured in a trap or containment object. Animal control does not provide wildlife removal in Houston, Texas for structures. They will pick up traps but will not set traps.

DIY, no! Have you ever been bitten by a raccoon? Squirrel? Opossum? Bat? Rat? Stray Cat? Skunk? Duck? Snake? Yes, all these are possibilities of wild animals that could be in your attic. One of these wild animals could of had babies and are in a defensive state to protect their young. Just opening your attic door could cause an offensive attack.

Police? If you think its a human then Yes! If, and I mean mostly is not a human, then no. The police will secure the area from a robbery but not a wild animal nuisance. The police might be called out in the event the animal is running around your house, but they will just call for help.

Absolutely do not do nothing! Somethings up there, get rid of it ASAP! Chewing wires becomes a very real fire hazard fast! One mother with a litter becomes up to 7 wild animals living in your attic leaving droppings and urine soaking into your walls and ceiling.

Pest control services? Maybe. Not all pest control services are trained in actual nuisance wildlife removal. Poisons should never be used for wild animals, even rodents. Dead rats in walls stink! Simply ask if the repair after the animal has been removed. If they are trained in nuisance wildlife removals in Houston, Texas they will offer a full estimate. (read next paragraph)

Well for a quick wildlife removal in Houston, Texas you should call a trained Nuisance Wildlife Removal Service, Wildlife Removal Service, or Wildlife Control Service. All are the same thing.

Houston Opossum Removal

What makes them so special in getting an animal out of my attic? A wildlife removal service will have the training and experience in quickly identifying the nuisance animal. Once the wild animal is identified the proper method of removal can be performed. Once the wildlife removal has been performed a safe and clean process can be performed as well as sanitizing. The clean up and sanitizing  is done so now the repairs to the entry points can be sealed. A full inspection of future entry points can be then estimated and perform to keep out future unwanted animals in the attic.

Masters Services 713-723-4854 is available now for your to call for a Attic Wildlife Removal in Houston Texas.


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