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Bats in the Attic Pearland

Master Services (713) 723-4854 are trained and experienced in how to handle problems with bats in the attic Pearland.

When it comes to having bats in the attic Pearland, getting the situation correctly handled fast is sometimes your only option. Bats are a state and federally protected animal, they are important to the eco-system in the fact that they keep the numbers of small flying insects to a low, especially mosquitoes. The only trouble with bats getting into your home is that they can cause a bit of damage and annoyance.

By the time that most homeowners notice that they have bats in the attic Pearland there are more than a few inhabiting your home. This is normally due to the fact that bats normally enter the home at high points, the apex of your roof for example, and don’t leave or enter the building until dusk and dawn, not normal times that a homeowner is looking to the top of their home. Getting the bats in the attic Pearland evicted from your home and getting your home fully proofed against entry is the only guarantee that the situation will not occur again. Bats can get into places no larger than a ¼ of an inch, most times when they have gotten into a home it is through an air current that lead them to an opening that lead them to the climate controlled area of your attic.

Depending on the time of year bats in the attic Pearland can either be evicted immediately or, in the case of breeding season, they will need to be protected until the young can fly. Once the exclusion has occurred the wildlife specialist will be able to seal and repair any of the possible entry points that the bats were using to get into your attic and then begin on the cleanup and sanitizing of the area that the bats were in to ensure that it is free of any guano (feces) thus preventing the spread of disease.

One very important step to handling bats in the attic Pearland is to ensure that the bats have no way to access the living areas of your home. If you have found that there is a bat in the living areas of your home we advise that you call animal control immediately to assist with the live removal. This will help to prevent anyone in your home from being bitten or otherwise effected by the animal.

If you think that you may have bats in the attic Pearland call Master Services (713) 723-4854 for help with the exclustion, proofing and cleanup of your home.

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