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Wildlife Removal Houston

Masters Services (713)723-4854 handles any Wildlife Removal Houston situation. Raccoons, Squirrels, Rats, Bats, Armadillo, Snakes, Opossum, or any nuisance animal.

Houston has many nuisance animals in the city limits. Doing a wildlife removal in Houston can bring many challenges. Every home is unique in its construction and layout. There are many legal methods of nuisance wildlife removal procedures, but only one will work for each situation. Sometimes two methods of removal are necessary.


House A and House B are neighbors that both have raccoons in the attic. They both call Brian with Masters Services for their wildlife needs. House A has raccoons in the corner of the attic under the insulation. House B has taken up residence crawling down a wall.

Brian decides both should have raccoon eviction thrown in the attic. Raccoon eviction fluid is a male raccoon scent in a bottle. Mother raccoons hide their young from male raccoons. Male raccoons will kill the litter and attempt to breed with the female. Raccoon mothers have a very good maternal instinct to keep their young safe so as you can imagine why the scent of a male raccoon would make her move the litter. That is the goal of raccoon eviction, to have the mother move the litter off the property. It works rather well in most cases.

Forward three days and House A no longer has raccoons but House B still has them in the wall. So Brian leaves a trap in the attic and the next day he caught the mother raccoon. He had to cut the wall out where the raccoon litter was and removed them. The mother and the litter were taken to a private property to release them into the wild together.
Both houses needed the entry points repaired and the feces cleaned up. The attic was completely sanitized with a special wildlife control fogger. These final steps are often overlooked. Once the animal is gone why do anything else? Simple answer is to keep out the next animal. Animals follow the scent of their own kind to breed or just to hang out. Keep them out by killing the scent trail outside that leads to a dead end. No warranties given without Masters Services completely finishing the clean up and sanitizing. In 16 years of doing nuisance wildlife removal the majority of call backs are people that did not order everything on the initial estimate. The repairs, clean up, and sanitizing is more important than the actual removal because that is what stops any future money being spent.
There are a number of different methods of raccoon removals out there that Masters Services can do if the initial method does not work. We can only predict what the animal will do, that is why you hire us. Anyone can set a trap, but can the successfully trap a raccoon with it? I cannot count how many times a client has called and said they bought their own trap and cannot trap anything in it. We come out and set our trap right next to their trap and that very evening we trap the raccoon in our trap.

Every wildlife removal Houston is a completely different situation. Is it rats, raccoons, opossum, skunk, armadillos, bats, birds, snakes, feral cats, or a squirrel? Often clients think it squirrels and it rats or a raccoon.

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