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Raccoon and Squirrel Removal Dallas

Raccoon Removal from Attic Houston

When you are in need of raccoon and squirrel removal in Dallas things can be a bit confusing.

Especially when all you want is to get the animals out of your home without having to sell your home to pay for the removal costs things can get a little overwhelming. One thing that can help is to understand what happened that prompted the situation where the animals were able to get into your home. These could be things like a missing chimney cap, siding that has come loose on your home, open weep holes and so on. For a squirrel to get into your home they need only about a ½ inch to get their head in. A raccoon mainly takes advantage of areas of your home that have maybe seen better days and has the strength to open these areas up even more to get in and share your home.

Wildlife Entry Point

Most of the time the raccoons and squirrels that have gotten into your home are there because they are looking for safety weather this is from the elements, too hot or too cold, and sometimes even because they are about to give birth and want a safe place to build their nest. While they may seem very nice and social, raccoons and squirrels in your home can cause quite a bit of damage. They are looking to make their new homes comfortable and have been known to start fires in the past through chewing on electrical wires.

Getting animal removal completed as soon as you notice it is the best way to handle the situation.

When animals are allowed to stay in your home for longer than necessary there are some consequences that can go along with their extended stay. For one there can be quite a bit more feces and urine that will need to be cleaned up and sanitized from the areas they were in. Secondly, the longer they say the more damage that can be done inside of the areas that they are occupying, your attic joints, electrical wires, plumbing pipes and so on are all easy targets for chewing and scratching. Also, you risk the chance of the infestation becoming an even bigger problem with new babies coming.

Humane removal IS effective removal!

You can feel at ease when you contact Masters Services (972) 877-4650 for help with your raccoon and squirrel removal Dallas needs. We have been in the business for over 16 years and use only humane removal methods. Believe it or not, humane removals are faster and more effective than other solutions like poisons and such.

Poison is not the answer!

When you lay poison to try and handle the problem there are a few things to think about, one is that there is no way to ensure that the poison does not get to an unintended subject, meaning if you have children or pets, poison is not an option for you. The other major misunderstanding when it comes to using poisons to help in wildlife removal is the fact that most poisons are designed to dehydrate the animal, this then drives them to find sources of water, be that behind your air conditioning unit, in a plumbing pipe or even in your swimming pool. Lets take a raccoon that has been in contact with poison and say he ends up finding water in a pluming pipe in your attic, he then expires there and falls down the wall behind the water source. The only time that you find out that something is wrong is when you start smelling a dead animal in your wall, we then get called out and and locate the source of the smell is a 20 pound dead raccoon in your wall. The only option at this point is to open up a hole in the wall and get the carcass out. As you can see, this ends up being an much more invasive process than getting all of the entry points sealed and setting a live trap and relocating the animals once they are caught in the traps.

Sugarland Wildlife Control

Masters Services does not use any poisons when handling animal removal from your home. We use only live traps when dealing with raccoons and squirrels in the attic or walls of your home.

We have been in the wildlife removal business for over 16 years now, with this time and training has come the experience that not everyone has. There are MANY fast, effective and humane methods for wildlife removal and relocation that poison has never been an option in our company.

When we come to your home the first thing that we will do is a full home evaluation, this is going to show any and all points of your home that the animals may be using to get in, this will also highlight any damages that need repair to ensure that your home is fully proofed. From this evaluation we will also be able to determine what animal we are dealing with and approximately how many. With all of this information we will then be able to work out what the best method for repairs and trapping for your home will be.

Once we begin the work on your home it is normally a matter of a few days to a week until the animals are gone and relocated outside of your home. One of the key things in animal removal is ensuring that there is no way for them to get back into your home through an unfixed openings or areas of your home that are wearing down.

Once the animals are out of your home Masters Services also offers a clean up and sanitizing, this is key in getting your home back to normal. With this all the feces and urine is cleaned up as well as sanitizing the area to ensure that any illness or disease that the animals may have been carrying is cleaned up and removed from your home.

Where does a squirrel and raccoon create the most damage?

Raccoon and squirrels really love to live in attics, trees, chimneys, and inside walls. Ant confined space that gives privacy from other critters. The will make a space if it is easily accessible. Trees are nice because there are so many of them to find a hollow to live. Attics are nice because there is insulation for bedding, its quiet, and people do not access the attic that much. The chimney is like a man made tree with the exception of heating and air conditioning. The damper is the temperature of the inside of the home with air flow around it, dampers do not seal completely. Breaking into a soffit or an eave of a home gives an entry point to a squirrel or raccoon to live in the wall.

Masters Services offer the best Raccoon Removal in Dallas

Masters Services got into doing a raccoon removal in Dallas because of so many raccoon removals from chimneys. A mother raccoon will seek out a chimney and crawl down to the smoke shelf and give birth. She will raise them in there until it is time to leave them about 3 months later. Masters Services get rid of the raccoon mother and retrieve the raccoon pups. We will then store the pups in a nice warm box that is easy for the mother raccoon to find and relocate the litter.

Masters Service (972) 877-4650 can help you with your raccoon and squirrel removal Dallas needs.

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