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Lewisville Animal Removal

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If you have found yourself in need of Lewisville animal removal call Master Services (972) 877-4650 for effective and humane removal services.

So you’re hearing strange scratching or thumping sounds coming from underfoot, in the walls, or above the ceiling. Maybe you’ve seen a critter lurking around your home that you suspect may be the noisy culprit who is keeping you up at night. At this point you know you need a Lewisville animal removal… so what should you do? You may have already done a Google search to look for solutions you could do on your home. Maybe you have tried blasting the animal out with noise with no success. Many people will offer all types of solutions to a nuisance wildlife problem, however rarely do these at home solutions work. If you really want a safe, effective Lewisville animal removal, you should just go ahead and call Masters Services. Masters Services has specialized in nuisance wildlife issues for over sixteen years and our professional, trained technicians have the proper knowledge, experience, and gear to handle just about any Lewisville animal removal.

I mentioned earlier that most at home remedies for nuisance wildlife do not work. This is because there are some key things that must happen in order to effectively perform a Lewisville animal removal that most inexperienced homeowners are not aware of. For example, the entry and exit points that the animal is using to gain access to your home must be located and sealed. However, you must strategically plan when you are going to seal the hole. Let’s say you have a raccoon in your attic. If you trap her, or see her exiting your home, and then you go ahead and seal up the hole she has been using to get into the attic, you could be separating a mama from her babies. A couple of different scenarios could play out at this point. The mother coon might rip a brand new hole in your home to get back to her babies, causing more damage than you had in the first place from the critters. If she can’t get back to her pups, then they will starve and die in your attic. Then you’ll have to live with the awful odor of the dead pups, and you’ll have to call someone to perform a dead animal removal. Dead animal removals are often more invasive and expensive than live animal removals, so it’s best to try to get the mother and her pups out all together, and then seal the hole.

This is just one small example of something that could go wrong if you try to perform a Lewisville animal removal on your own. If you want the Lewisville animal removal done right the first time, you should simply call Masters Services (972) 877-4650.

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