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Wild Life Removal

If you need wild life removal call Masters Services (972) 877-4650, do not hesitate in getting a professional to your home.

There are many toxins and animals that can cause you harm outside of your home. Most people, me included, feel that your home is the safest place you can be to protect yourself and your family from the effects of these things. Have you ever really looked at your home from the eyes of unwanted animals and seen its potential? Wild life removal is something that you do not want to delay.

Animals, especially this time of year, are looking for places that would offer them protection from the elements and other predators. The protections they often find are in the attics, soffits and walls of our homes. This presents a few problems for the homeowner. One major problem is the amount of damage they can cause in a short amount of time in a home, from creating holes, chewing through wires, and chewing through pipes. This is all not to mention the illness and disease that can be spread through wild life animals. If you are in need of wild life removal get it does as soon as possible for the safety of your home and the people in it. just released and article on the 5 Deadliest Wildlife Home Invaders, it is worth the read. I suggest after reading the article to an inspection on your home, look for any ways that an animal can get into your home, this would include any gaps or openings over 1/4th of an inch. If you notice anything out of the ordinary call a professional wild life removal company right away.

Masters Services has been in the wild life removal business for over 16 years. While there are no guarantees when you are dealing with wild animals, we are the most successful wild life removal company in the DFW and Houston areas. We offer warranties on all of our animal proofing work. When we come to a home not only do we inspect for all entry points but, we also offer sanitizing and deodorizing when done with the eviction and removal from your home.

The need for wild life removal is real, last week we had a client call in that she smelled a dead animal coming from her air vents. She promptly closed the vents and ventilated the house through windows and doors. Upon our arrival we found the source of the smell was a rather large raccoon that had died in her attic. While this raccoon from outward appearances (other than being dead) looked fine there is no way to tell without testing if it had been carrying disease. We then sanitized and deodorized the attic area and sealed the hole that it came in through. This put her and us at ease in knowing that her and her grandson would be safe during his upcoming weekend visit.

Wild life removal is not something that you want to delay in handling, not only in the possible damage to your home but also in the spread of illness and disease.

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