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Trap Raccoon Houston

Master Services, (713) 723-4854, are the best people to call for help with trap raccoon Houston.

While you trap raccoon Houston there are a few things to be aware of when hiring a company to assist you in the trapping. What is their experience in trapping raccoons? What methods are used in evicting the raccoons from your home? Does the company that you are hiring handle repairs and cleanup once the raccoons are gone? Is there any warranty for the work that is done on your home?

Master Services has years of training and hands on experience dealing with trap raccoon Houston. We use only humane trapping and relocation methods in the handling of wildlife removal. There are some companies that will suggest using a poison or poisoned baits to try and handle the raccoon eviction. Most of these poisons are made to dehydrate the animals, this normally causes them to try and find water sources in the area that they are already in. This usually ends up with the animal dying in your home near the A/C vents, pipes or places with condensation. Not only does this hold potential harm to other animals that may not be the intended target for the poison but it also leaves your home open to having to remove dead animals.

When you trap raccoon Houston the raccoons will be relocated to an area away from your home to prevent them from coming back and reentering the space. Once this is completed the holes that the raccoons were using to enter your home can be repaired and sealed to prevent other animals from entering once you are done with the trapping of the raccoons. Master Services offers warranties on all of the work that we do on your home.

If you need to trap raccoon Houston and need help, call us at Master Services (713) 723-4854 today for an evaluation.

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