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Squirrel Removal Houston

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The squirrels are coming!


The breeding time for Squirrels is mid winter January – February and again in late spring to early summer, May – June. During this time any given female squirrel can give birth to 2-7 babies, on average they will raise 3 offspring. While they are raising and wearing their young they will need a safe place to keep them in a nest while they look for food, this in normal situations will be in a hollowed out tree or other hollowed out areas that would keep them protected from temperatures as well as any predators that may be lurking. Often times, if there are no trees around, a perfect substitute is a chimney, which from their point of view is a man made hollow tree or an attic space in a home, both of these areas have somewhat regulated in terms of the temperature.

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Your attic is the perfect place for squirrels!

When you think about what all goes into a squirrel home your attic is perfect! There are things to use for nesting, your insulation, plenty of safe and warm space, enough room to have their nesting area away from their waste areas, things to play on, wood beams, walls and storage items, and plenty of things to chew on. A squirrel could spend a few days in your attic with no trouble and keeping plenty entertained. All of this is nice for the squirrel but can wreak quite a bit of havoc on your home. Getting squirrel removal Houston completed on your home is normally a quick process when it comes to the removal itself, what takes time is getting your home sealed to ensure that they can’t get back in as well as any repaired completed once the squirrels are removed.

What happens when you do Houston squirrel removal?

When a squirrel gets into your home it is most likely though a part of your home that already had an opening, this could be around plumbing pipes, in the soffets of your home, near vent screens that have damage or are loose and so on. Sometimes they have gotten in at these areas by chewing them into larger openings. When Masters Services (713) 723-4854 arrives at your home we will first do a full home inspection to determine where the animals are getting in at and what repairs will be needed to done to ensure that they can’t get back into the house. This is a one of the most important parts of the removal. If there are missed openings there is a large chance that the animals will be able to freely come and go and will not be cut off from your home.

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What’s next?

Once the entry points have been found and repaired, we will normally leave one open and place a one way door which will allow the squirrel to leave your home and not get back in. (In most squirrel cases the one way door is the most effective method for squirrel removal Houston, this will be left up to the knowledge and experience of the technician that does your inspection as to what the best method for relocation will be for your situation and home.) When the one way door is set it is a matter of a few days in most cases until the animal or animals are out of your home and you are able to get this final hole sealed. We try the one way door as the first step due to the fact that squirrels are extremely territorial and allowing the animal that had been in your home to remain in the yard or near by trees will actually help to cut down on other squirrels moving in and trying to take over the area, which normally results in more than you started with! The next step will be the sanitizing and clean up of the area that the animals were in, squirrels in particular, can create quite a mess in your home.

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Why is my attic chewed up?

One interesting thing about squirrels is that they are in the class of rodents, this is in part due to the fact that their front teeth never stop growing. Because of this they are left in a situation where they have to always have to chew on things to keep their teeth from over growing and causing them a ton of trouble. This means that anything that can be chewed will, including beams in your attic, plumbing pipes and for some unknown reason, your electrical wires. We have had two different customers call in this past year alone who had attic and home fires due to faulty electrical wires that were caused by squirrels chewing on them. We have also had many other customers call in this year that they have had power outages in their home that was caused by squirrels chewing on wires in their walls or attics.

The best recommendation is to get any squirrel removal done as soon as you know something is going on!

Letting squirrels run around in your home for too long can not only lead to the problems that we have gone over here but also create quite a mess of nesting and feces to clean up. As well as the fact that as the squirrels spend more time in your attic they tend to get more and more adventurous and have a tendency to fall down walls or even get stuck in areas of your inner home. This in most cases leads to needing help with dead animal removal which is more invasive and expensive to take care of than a live animal in most cases.

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When you have a dead animal in your home Masters Services can also help you with the removal, just give us a call.

Dont delay!

If you have heard animals in your attic, walls, chimney or anywhere in your home, give Masters Services (713) 723-4854 a call and we will send out one of our trained and experienced technicians to help you. There is no need to try and handle it on your own.

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