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Squirrel Removal Dallas

Wildlife Squirrel Removal

Are you in need of squirrel removal Dallas?

Contact the squirrel removal Dallas experts at Masters Services, We have the knowledge and skill to get the job done right. Our wildlife removal for squirrels in Houston and Dallas has started to get very busy.

Wildlife Damage

Here is a job we started in Southlake for a squirrel removal. Here you can see the squirrel one way trap has been placed on the entry point the squirrel has chewed through into the soffet of the home. The picture below is its nesting debris for which we will take out upon the squirrels exit of the entry point. The one way trap lets them get out but blocks the re-entry of the squirrels.

Boulder Animal Removal

One Way Trap & Nesting Debris

Brighton Animal Removal

Wildlife removal for squirrels is one of the top nuisance animals Masters Services handles. Squirrels breed twice a year, spring and fall, and believe it or not, Spring is on its way. No babies as of yet but stay posted on my blog and I will let you know the day we have a mama squirrel and her young to relocate from someone’s property.

If you hear scratching, scraping, or burrowing noises in your walls and attic, there is a good chance you have a squirrel problem in your home. As mentioned, this is one of our the most frequent type of calls we get when it comes to wildlife removal calls. We suggest against waiting after you hear the noises, because the squirrels will only continue to create damage and multiply. They will nest in your walls and attic, and chew holes into your insulation. Time is of the essence with squirrels in the attic problems.

The longer you wait, the more time the squirrels have to have their babies, chew your wires, and nest, nest, nest!

Although squirrels may look cute and even cuddly, they are not safe to touch. In fact, if not handled properly and professionally, they do carry diseases and bacteria.

Do you have bird feeders out? Do you get squirrels latching on to your feeder, trying to get the bird seed?


If you have noticed a large population of squirrels in your yard, on your roof, or in the trees nearby, you may be at risk for a squirrel home infestation. This is the time of year they seek alternative shelter – that shelter being your warm, safe home. And although they may look cute and harmless, they are the opposite. They can do harm not only to your home, by chewing through live wires and putting you at risk for a house fire, but also chewing through insulation. These damages can be costly and damaging to your home. If not properly removed by professionals, the damage can be worse than when you started.

Some Interesting Squirrel Facts

Have you ever wondered how those squirrels made it onto your roof?

Keep these facts in mind: Gray and Fox Squirrels are true acrobats. They and can actually jump sideways up to eight (8) feet, straight up four (4) feet, and down 15 feet.  Unbelievable. This means that if you have a tree in your yard within about 20 feet of your home, most likely if you have squirrels, they will be able to get onto your roof.

Did you know? Squirrels can be smelly and sweaty.

All those acrobatics make for one sweaty animal! Squirrels have sweat glands on their feet. The scent left by their hot feet is often used to mark territories.

Squirrels and electricity:


Squirrels and electricity do not mix! Squirrels have been known to regularly stop and chew on/ investigate transformers or capacitors while looking for food. The squirrels are often electrocuted. This in turn results in power outages.

According to investigative reports, squirrels are actually responsible for 25% of all power outages in the United States in any given year.

Squirrels have front teeth that never stop growing!

Squirrels are in the same class as other rodents, this means that they have front teeth that never stop growing. This puts them into a situation where they have to constantly chew in order to keep their teeth growth in check, this means things like wood beams in your attic, boxes of storage, pluming pipes and for some reason, one of their top favorites is electrical wires! I don’t know if this is due to the colors, the size of them or what but give a squirrel some wiring and they will be your friend for life!

Hear scratching in the attic but don’t know what type of animal it is? Try to identify the droppings.

Squirrel Droppings are the size of a dried bean or chili bean. They can be black brown or green. They are much larger than mice and bat droppings. While we know that you may not have any comparison to look for in determining the difference, we have trained and experienced technicians on staff that know what to look for when helping you handle your squirrel problem.

What happens when you call Masters Services?

When you call Masters Services we will send out an experienced technician to take a look at your home. This is a full home inspection that will tell us where and how the animals are getting into your home. We will then verify what type of animal we are dealing with and determine the best method for trapping and relocation of the animals. In most squirrel situations the solution is the use of a one-way-door. This is due mainly to the fact that squirrels are extremely territorial, letting the same squirrel stay in your yard but not in your home can prevent 4-6 other squirrels from coming in and taking over the same space. While there are some situations, very rare, where we will trap and relocate a squirrel, for example at one home we had a squirrel that must have hid a stash of food in the home as he was persistent in getting back in, we tried a few times to get him to stay out of the home and seeing that he was intent on getting in we relocated him to a wildlife area away from the home and have not had any trouble there since.

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