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Wildlife Squirrel Removal
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Looking for squirrel and raccoon wildlife removal?

Wildlife is the joy and beauty of any county, but they can be a nuisance as well. Throughout the US and Canada there have been cases of increased wildlife menace that may not abate in the near future. This is attributed to increased population growth that has led to urbanization that has in turn led to larger parcels of land being cleared to make residential and commercial structures. In brief, the diminishing natural habitat is the major reason for human wildlife interference. The problem is further worsened by the governments spending cuts on wildlife management, leaving the animal removal job in the hands of private companies. Yet the task of ridding households of animals like squirrel, raccoons, moles, bats and many more, is expensive, time consuming and dangerous especially for the untrained professionals.

Animal Removal

While some animals pose no serious threat to a private or public property, some can cause lots of damage to the home as well as spread diseases. Squirrel may look like a harmless creature, but it burrows and can destroy the plants within the compound. Their presence within the homestead can lead to other wild animals venturing into the property vicinity looking for a quarry. At the same time, if a squirrel dies nearby, the smell from the carcass can be nauseating, not to mention the flies and other small insects that the stench can attract. Raccoons on the other hand can be dangerous. They climb over walls while looking for small insects. They can cause harm to people and especially children. In fact, their sight alone can be quite scary. If they get inside the attic and begin to scurry or rumble beneath the house, they can cause a total scare, calling for the expertise of a trained professional.

For these animals to penetrate to the inside of the house; there has to be a dent they may be taking advantage of. Masters Services Technicians are well versed with probable places the animals are likely to use to invade a home. They thoroughly inspect the property to determine the loophole. Once it is identified, they work towards getting the exact location of an animal or pest. It is handled effectively then their entry point is blocked to prevent any future invasions. During their entries, they damage the property and leave behind droppings that are a nuisance too. The professionals clear the mess, leaving the place looking clean and new.

Squirrel Raccoon wildlife removal is not an easy task. For one, squirrels are very tricky. Identifying their exact place is not easy too, not to mention handling them once they are caught. Since they hide under the soil, they are the most difficult to trap. Our technicians however, have the capacity to handle the animals in a humane manner that is also environmentally friendly. This is so because they use integrated, innovative and sound animal removal management services that appeals to businesses, homeowners and municipalities. We offer both commercial as well as residential animal removal services. During the animal handling, they practice restraint, considering the animal rights, not forgetting the requirements of the environment.
Our professionals are highly trained in squirrel trapping as well as raccoon removal. Most people shy away from handling the raccoon as it can be dangerous under provocation. It leaves behind an unpleasant smell as well, and can create lots of commotion if it gets to a private house or a commercial entity. Our technicians can make the work a pleasant experience for you. They identify the area that the raccoon is likely to use, it gets sealed before finally getting rid of the mess the animal left behind.

We only practice humane wildlife removal!

Our technicians do not only handle the buildings, they also can clear the gardens of any unwanted guests in the form of wild animals. They offer a variety of animal removal services to adequately eliminate any animal problems as well as preventing recurrence of the same. This can be done by offering small carpentry repairs, insulation, gutter cleaning, tree limb removal and attic clean outs.

By choosing the Masters Services, you will be assured of the following advantages;


  • -Having a chimney and fireplace installed or repaired- Having been in existence since 1992, they have enough experience to do everything according to your needs.
  • -Fast, friendly and efficient animal removal strategies- The professionals can handle small or big jobs. Whether it is a raccoon in the attic, squirrel in the chimney or digging up flower beds, the company is capable of handling it all.
  • -Our technicians appear at the site uniformed and using cars with company logo. All the workers are trained; no sub-contractors are offered tasks when a client is in need of services.
  • -Professional chimney sweep- When your chimney is not up to your desired standards, you can all upon professionals to handle it. Whether it has dirt that has piled over the years, or needs to be repaired after an animal invasion, you can always count on the company.
  • -Clean up services and advise. The company informs a property owner about the recommended services while advising them on future service options in case they may need it.
  • -Collecting, safe keeping as well as uniting parents with their off-spring.
  • -Using eco-friendly animal repellents to discourage animals from invading a property.
  • -Proofing entry and exit holes as well as identifying problem areas to reduce the need for animal removal services.
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    Apart from squirrels and raccoons, we also handle other animals including; rats, snakes, opossums, armadillos, bats, skunks, birds and many more. The above named animals have been known to be a nuisance when they invade a home. Apart from the commotion they create, they can also be dangerous especially to children who play almost everywhere.

    To be sure the company offers credible services, you can read from customer reviews to see how so far those who have enjoyed their services are satisfied. When in need of squirrel raccoon wildlife removal services, give Masters Services a call!

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