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Squirrel Control & Removal

Masters Services in DFW 972-877-4650 and Houston 713-723-4854 does quick squirrel removal and control for Texas residents.

Problems with squirrels, no problem. Masters Services has been the trusted go to guy for all your squirrel control and squirrel removal services. Do you have squirrels chewing to get into your attic? Have the gained access? Masters Services can take care of it quick and humanely.

Here is a squirrel one way trap we set in Houston last week and the home owner sent me this picture. Our method works as soon as the squirrel leaves the entry point. As you can see one squirrel has gone thru the one way trap and cannot get back into the attic. The other squirrel soon followed and we cam back an repaired the hole and reinforced it so they could not get back into the attic. Perfect squirrel removal and control method. Requires only two visits which keeps our prices down to an affordable service.


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