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Skunk Removal

skunk control


Masters Services specializes in how to get rid of skunks fast. Our skunk control services Dallas, Houston, Fort Worth, and Denver areas and uses the safest and fastest skunk removal methods in the industry.

Please careful around skunks, skunk control should only done by trained skunk removal methods. Skunk removal is a smelly chore, and not getting sprayed is the goal. Here at Masters Services Nuisance Wildlife is trained in proper skunk control methods for a clean skunk removal!

There are four different kinds of skunks found in the United States. The spotted and striped skunks are the most widely distributed and therefore more likely to come into contact with people. The hooded and hog-nosed skunks are rarer and found mostly in Arizona, New Mexico and Texas. The spotted skunk prefers the country and spends most of its life near farms. The striped skunk is more adaptable and lives in a variety of habitats. Skunks are placid, retiring and non-aggressive. They try very hard not to get in harm’s way. They have a home range of a few hundred acres at most. They are primarily nocturnal and usually solitary – except when mothers are raising their babies.

Skunks eat mostly insects, many of which are pests to humans. They are therefore very beneficial to have around. They also eat some plant material, including wild fruits, apples and corn. In winter and spring they may eat mice and the eggs of ground-nesting birds.

Breeding usually occurs in late winter or early spring and gestation averages about 60-75 days, so babies are usually born in May or June. Second litters and late births do occur. After mating, a female can store the male’s sperm and delay initiating pregnancy for some weeks. Litters range from 3 to as many as 10 young who remain in the nest for about two months, after which they begin to follow their mom as she forages. All skunks seem able to dig their own burrows but will also use abandoned dens of other animals, hollow logs, wood or rock piles, under buildings, stone walls, hay or brush piles and trees or stumps. The skunk’s main defense is a complex chemical substance that includes sulfuric acid that can be fired from either one of two independently targetable anal glands. Because of this ability, skunks will stand and face a threat rather than run away. This works well with people and animals but is useless against cars. As a result, many skunks die on roadways – to the point of being wiped out entirely from areas with a lot of traffic.

Skunks can carry rabies, but it is important to remember that not every skunk is rabid. Only if an adult skunk seen in the daytime is showing abnormal behaviors such as but not limited to paralysis, unprovoked aggression, moving in circles, and self-mutilation.

Skunk Removal Procedures

Then we will determine how many traps necessary to quickly get rid of any skunks on your property. We will give you a repair estimate on repairing any damage and also give an estimate for any clean up, sanitizing, and deodorizing. Wildlife is unpredictable, we cannot guarantee the capture of any animal, but we have years of successful experience in nuisance wildlife industry.

For skunk control Masters Services Nuisance Wildlife will determine where the skunk is and set traps.

We have an A+ rating with the BBB, a “5 star” rating with ServiceMagic, and a “Super Service Award” member of Angie’s list.

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