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Skunk Control: What You Must Know

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If you have run into a skunk that wants to call your property its new home you’ll have to consider skunk control to get it removed. Not only that, but you’ll have to get onto it right away. The longer you wait the more chances there are of these skunk spraying somebody or a pet, or causing a lot of damage.

A skunk smell is extremely powerful and once it makes its way into your home it takes a long time before it leaves. It can work its way into your furniture, drapes, carpeting and even into the structure of your home. All it takes is a pet dog to get sprayed and then run into the home to cause chaos and confusion that can take weeks to clear up completely. You’ll need to get a skunk control company onto your premises immediately to prevent any possible problems from developing.

Skunks not only smell, they are destructive!

Aside from the smell, skunks are a destructive pest especially if you are a gardener. They forage for worms and bugs and love to dig up a garden in order to find them. They’ll also tear apart your garbage trying to find delicious food to eat. Before the damage occurs, skunk control is necessary.

Where you’ll find these skunks

Skunks are a nocturnal creature and you may see them traveling across the yard at night. During the day they will sleep in a den that they have excavated beneath a shed, porch, deck etc. They will line their den with anything that will make it comfortable like feathers, leaves or paper. When you call in skunk control these are the first places they will look for the critters.

Skunks like to stay as close as possible to sources of food as they can. If you have a bird feeder set up outside it’s possible that you may be attracting skunks as well as birds.

Skunks love the bird food that gets knocked to the ground under the feeder. If you leave your garbage bags outside overnight waiting for the trash truck to arrive in the morning this will also be an invitation to skunks and you may have to call in a skunk control professional for help.

Why you need a professional for skunk control

While skunks aren’t usually aggressive, they can buy bite a cat or dog that tries to get too friendly with them. Skunks can carry a variety of diseases including distemper and rabies and may also have mites, ticks or fleas. The most obvious reason why you’d need a skunk control expert of course is the smell. An expert can trap skunks without getting sprayed so that both you and the animal can get on with life.

Masters Services is dedicated to bringing you peace of mind when it comes to skunk control. There is no other animal that can cause as much uproar as a neighborhood skunk. If you see one or suspect that there may be a skunk living under your home or shed don’t try to handle the situation on your own. Skunk control is a professional job that needs to be done correctly the first time before the skunk sprays on your property.

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