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Safe and Humane Wildlife Removal

Masters Services (972) 877-4650 practice only safe and humane wildlife removal from homes and businesses.

At Masters Services, we are dedicated to providing the most safe and humane wildlife removal possible. No two nuisance wildlife situations are ever the same; however, our standards regarding safety and humane treatment of the animals remain firm when it comes to each and every situation. If you are hearing strange sounds coming from your attic or walls and you need to find a solution quickly, call Masters Services and we will promptly get a professional, trained wildlife removal technician to your home to perform the safe and humane wildlife removal that you’ve been waiting for. We have been in this business for over sixteen years and we will be more than happy to help you with all of your nuisance wildlife removal needs.

raccoons in chimney

As previously stated, each nuisance wildlife situation is unique; therefore, different safe and humane wildlife removal methods are used to deal with different scenarios. Some companies solely rely on poison to deal with nuisance wildlife issues. This offers up several different problems that are really rather severe in nature. First of all, if you lay poison in a certain area of your home, you’ll end up with an animal dying in a random spot of your home. This is problematic for a couple of different reasons. If the animal dies in a strange spot in your wall, the body could be difficult to get to. A hole may actually have to be cut in the wall to get the animal out. This is extremely invasive and costly! Also, the animal will begin to smell and flies will begin to collect around the body. This is a very undesirable situation that should be avoided if at all possible. Here’s another issue with poison: when the animal ingests the poison, it begins to dehydrate. This leaves the animal searching for water, and in the process, some animals will begin chewing on wires and through other materials in the area in which they are dwelling. This could lead to additional damages to the home that would not have occurred had a safe and humane wildlife removal been performed.

If you call Masters Services, we will employ the use of several different safe and humane wildlife removal methods to take care of your nuisance wildlife problem. Methods vary from case to case and include trapping, the use of one way doors, and the use of eviction fluid.

If you have run into a situation in your home or office where you need help with safe and humane wildlife removal, call Master Services at (972) 877-4650 – DFW, (713) 723-4854 – Houston, (303) 720-7096 – Denver or (405) 236-1111 OKC.

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