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Remove Raccoons from Attic Houston

If you are fed up and want to remove raccoons from attic Houston, call Master Services (713) 723-4854 for rapid service.

When looking for ways to remove raccoons from attic Houston there is no doubt you will find all sorts of home do-it-yourself type ideas on line. Things like playing a loud radio 24/7 until they leave, installing a strobe light in the attic and even throwing ammonia soaked rags into the attic to make them leave due to the smell. More often than not these methods don’t work and when they do work it is not always a permanent fix, once this raccoon is gone another one will move in to take its place.

To remove raccoons from attic Houston the best method is through the services of a trained and experienced Wildlife Specialist. Our technicians will be able to do a full evaluation on your home to determine where the raccoons are getting in as well as what the raccoon situation is that you are dealing with. Is there a single juvenile? A few rowdy adults? A mother and babies? All of these things can be determined through an evaluation so the correct method of eviction can be used to help remove raccoons from attic Houston.

If you are working to remove raccoons from attic Houston it is important to ensure that if the raccoon that you are dealing with is a mother with babies in the attic that the babies are gotten out with the mother, this will ensure that they are not trapped in the attic when repairs of the entry points are done.

Master Services, (713) 724-4854, remove raccoons for attic Houston for the last 16 years. Our technicians all have daily experience in wildlife removal and the various situations that can arise while excluding animals from your home.

If you need help to remove raccoons from attic Houston, call Master Services (713) 723-4854 for an evaluation.

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