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Remove Raccoons from Attic Dallas

To Remove Raccoons from Attic Dallas it is best to call a professional at Masters Services (972) 877-4650.

Raccoon breeding times are from late January into early March. Most likely that large animal that you are hearing in your attic is a raccoon. To Remove raccoons from attic Dallas you will want to hire someone who has training and experience in the different situations and behaviors that you can run into with raccoon removal.

During the next few weeks most of the raccoons that you will be encountering in your home are going to be females that are looking for a suitable place to protect herself and her young from other male raccoons and the elements while her babies grow to an age where they can fend for themselves. Other than seeing the raccoon enter your home there are a few other signs that can tip you off to the intruder being a raccoon. They are heavy animals, when you hear them in your attic the sound could be described similar to the noise of a person walking in your attic. Also the damage they can cause when finding a way into your home is larger than any other animal. To Remove Raccoons from Attic Dallas must be done correctly to prevent the raccoon from causing more damage trying to get back into the home.

To correctly Remove Raccoons from Attic Dallas, you will need to make sure that the situation has been correctly assessed. A mother raccoon can cause quite a bit of damage to a home if she has been cut off from her babies. You will want to make sure that any company trapping to Remove Raccoons from Attic Dallas, checks to ensure that any animal removed from your home is not a nursing mother. If she is there are a few ways this can be handled, one of the most effective ways if by using eviction fluid. Most often than not, the mother will relocate the babies on her own with the use of this fluid. If this does not work and trapping is needed, once the mother is trapped the technician can normally safely locate the babies and relocate them with the mother, by doing this their chances of survival to adulthood is much greater.

Once we Remove Raccoons from Attic Dallas technicians then get the affected areas sanitized and deodorized from any feces or urine that were left by the animals when in your home.

Masters Services has been Removing Raccoons from Attic Dallas area for over 16 years. Our technicians not only want to get the best repairs done on your home to prevent re-entry by raccoons but also want to offer the most humane method of relocation possible to the animal. Our goal is to ensure that your home is proofed to prevent any future animal entry. Contact us if you suspect that your home may have become host to an expanding raccoon family.

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