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Removal of Raccoons from Attic Houston

Removal of raccoons from attic Houston is something best left to the professionals, call Masters Services (713) 723-4854.

Raccoon breeding season started about 3 weeks ago and will last until March. Many raccoon mothers will be looking for a place that she can have her babies and keep them safe for the next two to four months while they are getting ready for life on their own. This can include places like the walls or attic of a home. Removal of raccoons from attic Houston is something that you will need trained and experienced help with in order to prevent needing more repair and removal work before things are back to normal.

Removal of raccoons from attic Houston normally starts with an evaluation. In this the technician will be looking for things like how the animal got into your home and where it is primarily living. If there are any signs that there are babies present, what it will take to get the animal trapped and relocated along with getting your home sanitized and deodorized after the animals are removed. All of these steps are important in ensuring that there will not be later re-entry to the home along with the prevention of disease when working with removal of raccoons from attic Houston.

Raccoons are very strong animals; they are also very hard to reason with. A mother raccoon that may have been separated from her offspring during removal raccoons from attic Houston can sometimes show super human strengths in gaining access to her babies again. They have been known to rip open soffit coverings, take vents off of airways and in general cause quite a bit of damage. Sometimes it is easier to get a mother to relocate her offspring on her own rather than trapping them. This is through the use of eviction fluids; these are the pheromones of male raccoons. Most mothers, upon smelling a random male will relocate their babies on their own. This is a natural protection step that she takes to keep them safe. In this case the removal of raccoon from attic Houston can move on to the next step of closing up the entry points and cleaning up.

Sometimes it takes a bit more skill and finesse to get a mother to move her babies, and sometimes she just needs a little help. This can add more time to the removal of raccoons from attic Houston, the best way to be successful in removal is to hire someone with experience in the different situations that can come up when doing removal of raccoons from attic Houston.

Masters Services has been a leader in the removal of raccoons from attics in Houston for over 16 years. We offer free estimates for the removal from your home. We use the best and most up-to-date methods of humane animal eviction. There are no guarantees when it comes to wild animals, yet we are very skilled at what we do and can help you to rid yourself of any nuisance animal.

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