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Rat Removal

Rat Removal in Houston Texas

Free Estimates on any Rat Removal

Masters Services specializes in how to get rid of rats in attics and knows how to get rats out of homes fast. We simply are the best rat trapping exterminators in Dallas, Fort Worth, Houston, and Denver.

The roof rat is one of two introduced rats found in the contiguous 48 states. The Norway rat is better known because of its widespread distribution. Roof rats frequently enter buildings and live in attics. Norway rats are basement or first floor dwellers. Once established in their habitat, they breed and thrive very quickly. 5 to 8 young are born after only 23 days of conception and are looking for food with in 9-14 days after that. Typically 3 litters are produced by one female in a year.

We have an A+ rating with the BBB, a “5 star” rating with ServiceMagic, and a “Super Service Award” member of Angie’s list.

Rat Removal Procedures


Masters Services Nuisance Wildlife rat control will come out and perform a free property inspection of the problem structure. The inspection will provide the amount of rat trapping proofing that needs to be sealed on the exterior of the structure and how much clean up, sanitizing, and deodorizing that needs to be done. Once the structure is sealed in and everything out, Masters will snap trap the interior rats. No poison is used ever, so no dead rats in walls. We believe in solving your rat problems, not controlling them!

Free Estimates on any Rat Removal
We a simply the best rodent control exterminators. Why? We eliminate your rats with rat proofing, not poisons. We repair (rat prooing the house) where the rats are entering the house to prevent new rats from entering.

Do we have set pricing?The simple answer here is no. Every situation is unique in the matter of exclusion and repairs.


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