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Raccoons in Attic Houston

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Many people so far this year have been experiencing raccoons in attic Houston, if you are one of these people call Master Services (713) 723-4854.

Do you know how to tell when you have raccoons in attic Houston? Have you been hearing things in the night or mainly during the day? Does it sound like a person or something smaller? All of these things will help to guide you as to which type of animal you are dealing with. Raccoons are mainly nocturnal; they sound a bit heavier and sometimes have even been described as sounding like a person walking in the attic.

If you have raccoons in attic Houston it is likely that they helped themselves to getting into your home. Raccoons are very strong and have been known to cause quite a bit of damage when trying to get to things that they want. This also includes times where they have been cut off from their babies, i.e. the homeowner sealed the hole while the mother was out not knowing there were babies involved and found that the mother just ripped a new hole to get to the babies.

When you find a mother raccoon in attic Houston one very common and effective method for getting her and the babies moved is through the use of eviction fluid. This is a mix of male raccoon pheromones and predator urine (pretty stinky stuff), the mother feels threatened by this and will most normally relocate the babies on her own. If this is not successful the other option is to do the trapping and ensure you also find the babies and relocate them with her.

Master Services never recommends removing raccoons in attic Houston yourself. Raccoons, even healthy looking ones, carry disease and illness that can affect humans and other animals alike. The most common being distemper which attacks the nerve system and shuts things down. Another common situation with raccoons is a parasite in their feces which can cause brain damage in humans when inhaled. The best thing to do is you have raccoons in attic Houston is to call a professional; they are trained and experienced in the safe handling and cleanup with wildlife animals to prevent the spread of disease and illness. Besides this raccoons are known to get very violent when they are scared or feel cornered.

Master Services, (713) 723-4854, has been in the business of getting raccoons in attic Houston relocated for over 16 years. Our technicians handle wildlife calls on a daily basis and are able to handle any situation thrown at them. If you think that you may have raccoons in attic Houston call us right away to get an evaluation done on your home.

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