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Raccoons in Attic Dallas

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When you find raccoons in attic Dallas call Master Services at (972) 877-4650.

From now until the end of May is the time frame that raccoons most commonly get into the attic and walls of people’s homes. This is due to it being their breeding and rearing season. Most mother raccoons are very dominant, they are able to easily get into people’s home through vents, siding that may be damaged, and any hole that has been created through wear on the home. If you have raccoons in attic Dallas it is easier to get them out before they have given birth to offspring.

Once a mother raccoon has given birth to her babies, there are different methods for getting the raccoons in attic Dallas out but all of them must include moving the babies and if possible moving them with the mother. One of the ways to get a mother and her babies moved at once is through the use of eviction fluids. This is a mixture of male raccoon pheromones and urine from predator animals. Most often when the mother raccoon smells this she will move the babies on her own. If this is not successful, and trapping needs to be used, it is best to trap the mother and then find the babies and move them along with the mother. This will be the most successful survival method for the babies.

Once the eviction has been done, the best thing for your home is to get any messes made by raccoons in attic Dallas cleaned out of your home. This helps to prevent the spread of disease and illness that can be passed through their feces and urine.

If you have raccoons in attic Dallas, you will want to make sure that you use a professional to help you do the eviction and removal along with the clean-up. While raccoons can often be cute animals, they are wild. Raccoons are also very strong and if they are scared or feel threatened in any way can become very violent. This along with the proper training and experience in getting their messes safely cleaned up is a reason it pays to have an experienced technician do the removal and clean up.

Master Services Inc. has been in business for over 16 years, specializing in wildlife removal. If you have raccoons in attic Dallas we are the best company to call. After you get the animals removed from the attic you will need to get the entry and exit points sealed to prevent further reentry by raccoons or other animals. If these holes are left open there is a chance that another animal will come in and occupy the area as raccoons are very territorial.

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