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Raccoon Removal Time

Wildlife Control and Relocation of Raccoon
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Our first mother raccoon with babies in a chimney last week. The time for raccoon removal is going to start to get busy. Raccoon removal Dallas and Raccoon Removal Houston is one of Masters Services most successful services we provide. Mother raccoons can give birth to 1 to 6 pups in one litter. Raccoon pups are born pnk, hairless, and with their eyes closed. A mother raccoon is very protective of her young and is not to be take lightly. Best method of removal is to call us. Raccoons in attics and raccoons in chimneys can cause a mess. Raccoon feces is toxic to humans and household pets. One raccoon leaving feces is bad enough, think about 5-7 raccoons using your attic or chimney for a bathroom. Ringworm and rabies are carried by raccoons.

Raccoon entry damage on your roof, chimney, soffets, attic vents, or siding can be expensive if not repaired quickly. Water damage can make an easy, fast repair, go from a $125 charge to a $1000 repair.

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