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Raccoon Removal Houston

Several Raccoons inside Attic

If you have found yourself in need of raccoon removal Houston call Master Services (713) 723-4854 for the best help possible.

When most homeowners find that they are in need of raccoon removal Houston they don’t know where to start. Do you try and handle it on your own? Is there even a way to get them out of your home on your own? While there are ways that you can get them out of your home on your own, most of the solutions that you will find do not work. Having a trained and experienced technician to assist you in your raccoon removal Houston will get the job done fast and effectively.

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We only use humane methods!

Master Services only uses tried and true methods for trapping and relocating the raccoons that are in your home. Our methods are humane and result in the least loss of animal life. We are looking to find a solution that works for your home as well as for the animals. With this in mind there are different methods of raccoon removal Houston for the different situations that we may encounter at your home. The removal and relocation for a mother with babies is different than the removal of a juvenile for example. We have seen all of these situations and been experienced in what method of trapping and relocation works the best.

Why do raccoons get into human habitats?

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There is no one answer to this question. There are a few things that can drive a raccoon to find dwelling within a human home. The most common is that is is a stable environment, doesn’t rain, no wind, regulated temperature and so on that they can live and safely raise young in. Another time that we have seen a rise in the amount of raccoon calls we get is in the situation that there is a nearby wooded area that now has construction occurring. This can sometimes drive the animals out of their own homes in search of quieter and safer surroundings.

raccoons in chimney

Another common occurrence is when you or neighbors are inadvertently feeding the raccoons in your area. This can happen when you feed pets outdoors and even close to pet door openings inside, they can smell the food from a mile away and the longer they have lived around humans the less fear they have to just walk on in and get that food. Besides the obvious there is a large problem with this, when raccoons find food sources they send out a hormone that tells all the other raccoons where the buffet is! You can end up in a situation where you are playing host and cook to the whole family!

We had a customer recently that had woken in the middle of the night to get a glass of water from her kitchen only to find a raccoon holding her dog’s food bowl eating in the middle of the kitchen. While the retelling of the story was quite humorous, the raccoon looked at the homeowner as though she was the one that was caught in the wrong place and the slow backwards walk back into her master bedroom that followed, the actual occurrence can end up in a less than pleasant outcome.

I know I have told the story of our client who thought he would just shoo the raccoon off of his porch and ended up with twenty something stitches and a round of rabies vaccinations. These situations can be avoided by calling for professional raccoon removal help if you ever find yourself in this type of situation.

You can accidentally be feeding them!

Another way that some homeowners accidentally invite raccoons to their home is through the trash cans outside of your home. If they can get the lid open, they will eat! Raccoons are animals of opportunity, but they also have quite some strength! Meaning they will eat almost anything even trash and carcasses. If you have raccoons that are attracted to your trash there are a few solutions, either get a clamp down lid or store your trash inside a secure area like a garage. Whatever you do, the problem will not go away until the trash is completely inaccessible.

What happens when a professional comes out to my house?


When you are having raccoon removal Houston done on your home it is important to have any entry points as well as potential entry points repaired and sealed to prevent further reentry into your home by other animals. Our Specialists will help you to get these areas repaired and sealed with warranties on our work.

We employ many different trapping methods, especially when dealing with raccoons, one of the most common that we use during breeding season is the use of eviction fluid, this is a warning to the mother that there may be danger in the area. It is made up of male raccoon urine and other predator urine that indicates to the mother that she needs to remove her babies from the potentially dangerous area, in this case, your attic or chimney. She almost always will move the babies on her own and find a new place to take up home. In the case of using eviction fluid, the technician will seal and repair all of the holes the animals were using to get in and leave one open, once the animals are gone we will return to seal this final hole and complete the clean up and sanitizing.

When you are coming to the end of the raccoon removal Houston the next step is to get clean up and sanitizing done on your home and the areas that the animals were in. Raccoon, even healthy looking ones can carry various different diseases, some are even carried through their feces. When the animals have been removed from your home it is best to have clean up and sanitizing done to eliminate any lingering odors as well as to stop the spread of disease. Due to the nature of some of the illnesses, clean up should only be done by someone trained in the safety methods.

If you think your home may need raccoon removal Houston call Master Services, (713) 723-4854, for fast and effective help.

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