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Raccoon Removal Fort Worth Arlington

Raccoon removal Fort Worth Arlington should be done by professionals, call Master Services (817) 205 -5749.

There are a few indicators that you may have raccoons in your home. One is the noise that you hear in the night, it sounds slower and heavier, some homeowners have described it as sounding almost like a person moving around. Another is if you are looking at your home there may be larger holes or damage spots that you had not noticed before. If you are experiencing any of these or have seen an animal in your home or heard scratching in your walls it may be time for raccoon removal Fort Worth Arlington services.

I was recently reading a news story from a few years ago of a woman who had thought there might be an animal in her attic. She went a few days of hearing noises in her attic and just figured that at some point the animal would leave. Well, a few more sleepless nights went by and she sent her son and nephew into the attic to see if they could locate the animal. What they found was a man who had been in a relationship with the woman from years ago that had been living in her attic for over a week. I am sure that she wishes that she would have called for raccoon removal Fort Worth Arlington sooner.

Needless to say, if you hear something in your attic it is better to call right away to prevent more damage from occurring. If you need raccoon removal Fort Worth Arlington it is best to get a professional to help you. Raccoons, even if they seem social, can be quite viscous if they feel cornered or scared. If they are in your attic already they have made it their home, they normally view you as trying to disrupt their home and want to prevent that from happening so will fight to keep it safe, especially if it is a mother raccoon with babies. This is not to mention the possible disease and illness that even a healthy looking raccoon can be carrying. It is best to leave it to someone who is trained and experienced in handling the animals to get them safely removed.

Master Services has been in business for over 16 years now. We do daily raccoon removal Fort Worth Arlington, all of our technicians are trained and experienced in the safe and humane handling of wildlife animals. When we complete the eviction and relocation we always offer a cleanup and sanitizing of the area to prevent lingering odors and any spread of illness.

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